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truly one of the very few stories that got me hooked instantly , and now i can't wait for the next chapters to come out; i've always felt that the usual stories are petty restricted in the enviroment , systeme of developpement and so on, now THIS is real dimentional transfer, and i have that felling that **** just got real, and the plot is just about to start after this arc, can't wait. much love, best story so far (personal view)


One of the most interesting book i ve ever read. 3d characters,amazing plot , indepth world building, no youngmasters and cck suckin bitches and finally a cunning mc in flesh ,not like the ****tynovels who start with saying smart mc but being an ass later . The only thing i feel it lack is the character interaction between mc and the lover. Relationship is a give and take thingy. Until now i ve only seen mc giving and caring while alina being a ***** many times, maybe it will change. Overall its goddamn good!!!!


Good, but the MC sucks. Typical good MC that want to save people even if he may die (hero-complex). Can't even kill people just because they had a bad past or were influeced by others. Dont even want to sacrifice other people for himself, Im starting to get annoyed to all this 'good' annoying MC that don't even have a little of pride


Hello guys! I am the author of this novel! This is my second novel in this platform, and I feel fairly confident about my writing quality. So guys, feel free to enjoy this novel of mine!


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It seems that the author does not want bad reviews for his novel, he erases them all, that's why this trash novel has a lot of 5 stars, are bots


It's a quite good read. It's new with new thoughts and plot twists and turns. Signing out


the MC is garbage, he acts like a complete doormat and has pretty much no solid personality to speak of, his so called "companions" are just a ****ty fairy that treats him like crap and like the slave he is, while dodging any consequences and in fact getting rewarded for being ****ty, and a "sidekick" that's constantly getting influenced by the fairy to also treat him like ****. neither of their actions ever seem consistent or coherent and the fact that we're basically forced to watch this wimpy MC getting used for labor gets really old really fast. ALSO, his supposed "guide" consistently hides or conceals information and useful things from him simply because she "can" or because she's scheming behind his back. of course, the MC can or wont do anything about this so whats the point in reading this novel about a worthless character no one cares about being abused by other worthless characters no one else cares about.


loved the first novel because it was different and new and provided a fresh fun novel. this novel takes many of the best parts and is great just hope the first novel has less attention because of it


Its a very well written story, just not my thing. The female characters were just too... Cringey... And they were always so mean the the Male Lead... That stupid fairy is what made me eventually quit honestly.


I find this novel enjoyable to read as the protagonist goes off to new adventures to gain power while finding ways to get stronger to complete his missions and defeating his enemies. It's has great genres for the story.


I kind get why this story has so little views even with the number of chapters. Listen man i get that you’re a newbie writer and i commend you for your work both for the writing style and the amount of chapters.,heck even the genre of world traveling is dope. But! I just started the novel and so i need to be hooked so what do you do? You introduce an extremely hateful and annoying character at the start. Then? You make the mc’s first enemy into his love interest... now i get that the second one is not necessarily bad heck even good if done right. But you just messed up her character and made it seem as if she is an ice queen then and extremely warm person then a sadist that likes to slap anyone who mentions her sister to her which is extremely ****ed to be honest as a normal human much less a man wouldn’t fucking stand by if someone slapped him for no reason but you made the mc not only not rebuke her but also just apologize to her and hug her to make her feel all better..... that made quite angry. Huff i don’t want to be too harsh to a budding writer since I understand that you’re doing you best and for that i commend you but i just shared with you what i felt from the first 40 chapters and so this would be extremely good feedback to you. I lost all desire to continue after he hugged her when she slapped him like who the **** does that? Anyway hope you all the best.


It's crap not sure why rating is so high... well i guess since author can delete bad reviews helps. It jumps from on thing to another too quick, mc stutters like a retard for no reason, anyway read if you iq is low you might like it.


MC seems like he is not the MC. Later on when the story develops, he turns into a huge sissy. The amount of novels i've dropped because of how the MC let people trample over him is insane. This novel is no different; it is a such a shame as the theme was really great as a newgame+ type. If only we had a #SissyMC tag.


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Her uncle said he will help alina if she needs help vs the s rank intruder and nooow all of the sudden for drama, he cant help her cuz they can only help if the intruder is z. Which also makes no f sense cuz its not against other humans but f intruders who want to destroy humans like w t f. For reals are those authors even thinking, i understand some minor errors if its 100ts of chapters in but its chapter 16 and already massiv brainlagging author so frustrating cuz it happens like in every f novel. In new worlds like no world buildign at all, world trees couldnt think about solutions a human mc can come up with in a span of couple hours. how did this get 4,5 stars i will never understand rly 1 of th worst novels.


Great story I feel it has a lot of potential but if I had one problem with it is that it never feels serious to me. even when the MC and friends are in a dangerous situation it feels really light hearted and cheerful and I can’t take it seriously it’s a shame too cause there are some parts that have great impact but are just blown over by ether the gags or the bloody fairy it doesn’t help that there are entire chapters that consist purely with jokes this is more apparent in volume 2 when everyone has settled in


good ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


There are quite a few... negatives, should we say, to this story. I'm not saying it's intrinsically bad but by stating you think the quality is there, you've opened up a can of worms. I think you've got a solid base but you need an editor and some quality time thinking over your work. I've only read the first chapter and I'm bothered by it's foundation. Most of your world background is going to come from the places your character travels to and as well, we don't have any background at first at all, even in the first chapter, on the world that the MC leaves behind. Your character design is too bland for my tastes. A character called Alex, the hero of heroes with a system, it seems too Mary Sue. At least you've made him younger, that gives him room to grow. I like that idea. The overall quality is a little subpar. I mean, it's 100 times better than most xinxia novels on this platform simply because the content is actually digestable but it could use some work. I'd suggest running over it and ironing out the kinks, for instance the constant use of the characters name. You can call him 'Alex' or use his last name, use the word boy, youth, teenager, or just not need to include his name at all. Your updates are regular, that's fantastic, I'll give you that. Overall, it's a solid novel but you have a rocky foundation. Whilst I haven't read past the first chapter, I can see the allure of the novel.