1 chapter 1: christmas eve

24th December, it is christmas eve. I woke up in the morning and cheack my phone to see if my freinds have sent me any wishes or have invited me for any christmas event for the mobile game, and as i execpted they had sent me both wishes and invite.

I replied them all and saw a someone had sent me a message to spend christmas together, i quickly saw who it was and got surprised, it was Mio who sent me that message, she was in my class for 3 years and was one of the most beautiful girls in the school and my crush.

I was confused how to react so i took my time to send her the reply, after 1 hour of thinking I wasn't able to come with a cool reply so i just sent her "Ok." the movement after i sent my message i got a reply from her and it said, "well then me at the station at 7:00 pm." and again I wasn't able to think something cool so I replied," OK." I really do need to work on my communication skills.

After thinking about what to wear, what to do and how to talk. I was ready to face her.

I reached the station at 7:00 pm but she was already there, I should have come earlier that's what i thought. i quickly said sorry for arriving late, and with a smile she said,"Don't worry you are right on time and just got here to." at that movement I was the happiest person on earth.

We walked around the town, ate different kinds of food, watched a movie, and i knew it, it was 11:58 pm. She told me,"It's already so late i will have to go now." i requested her to stay a little longer, she acepted to stay till midnight and then she'll go, all i had was 2 minutes to tell her what i feel about her.

She asked me,"What will do wish for this christmas? wish wisely who known's your wish might come true." I didn't know what to reply, she asked me to close my eyes and wish for something, I closed my eyes and wished,"I want Mio to stay with me, I wish this christmas to never end." it's not like my wish will come true.

11:59 pm, 1 minute to go. i finally gathered all my courage and said," Hey Mio, I actually want to say something to you, today was the best day of my life, I had lot's of fun just because of you, thank you for inviting me, and finally i wanted to tell you my feelings, I . . ."

"I love you" Mio said.

What the hell just happened I, was totally confused, why would such a beautiful girl fall for me? is it a prank? is she joking?

Suddenly I realised that it's been over 1 minute but it's 11:59 pm, why?

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I looked at Mio and she wasn't moving at all, I looked around and no one was moving, i saw the clock it wasn't moving.

It was like the time stoped all of the sudden.

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