1 Prologue - Strongest player reborn

A young boy around age of 16 is stand by front of his computer everyday he's off from school. Knowing that his parents will have a long vacation, he's spent all his pocket money to event gacha equipment and costume in the MMORPG game called 'Tales of Dragon'.

Today, maybe his luck is overpowered, because he got 2 SSR sets of equipment and the dragon costume. He was so happy that he almost forgot to take a picture of it.

"Damn, i was about to show it off in the community ...." he said.

He leaned back in his chair while thinking about what to do after he got that equipment.

Ando sat up straight again, and checking his inventory. He clicked on the one of two SSR equipment he recently got.

[Black Obsidian Set]

"Should i sell this set in the auction? it's stats lowest than the other one though" he said while reads it description and stats.

He sighed after he decided to sell the sets in the auction.

"Ahhh, i'm starving. I'll leave for a minutes to buy some instant noodles" he said leaving his monitor.

After a ten minutes, he is back with the instant noodles in his hand. He go to the kitchen to prepare it.

After the instant noodles is ready, he walked to his room with the instant noodles cup in his hand. He sat on the chair and looked at the monitor.

While eating the noodles, he clicked the message about the sales of his equipment in the auction. Someone already bought it for 50.000 Gold.

There are two of the type money in game. It's silver and gold. Player can easily get the silver from the monster's drop or NPC quest, but for the gold, player must top-up or recharge gold in game shop. It's use real money to recharge some gold.

"Hmm 50.000 gold is a high price. I though it's only worth of 20.000 gold in the auction," he thought.

"Well, whatever. As long as i got the gold, i can't too much talking about the market price," he said.

Then, he get to grind some monsters to level up his character. For now, Ando's character is the top 3 of the strongest player in the server.

He is on top 2 on ranking power, moreover he is a solo player. Solo player means, a player without any guild. His character is on level 189, while the max level of server is 195.

After a 20 minutes grinding. His character finally reached max level, it's 195. And then, he got an inbox from anonymous.

"What is this?" he said while reading the message.

This is the message or inbox he got from the anonymous ....

「Congratulations for reaching level 195, "Like Me!". We have a mysterious reward for you, but if you accept this reward. Your level will reset, are you sure want to accept?

Type "Yes" if you're agree」

"What kind of a scam is this?! To think that i'll exchange my level to the mysterious reward, that's absolutely a scam." He said angrily.

"But ... just, let's do this!" he continued.

Ando replied that message by type "Yes". And after he replied, he can only hope it's not a scam. A few seconds later, he got the inbox from anonymous again.

「Thanks for your cooperation. Please accept our reward!

And have fun!!」

"What does it means with have fun??" he asked in confusion.

Later, his PC screen went blank white, while a letter is written and a voice he heard.

"Your level is reset. Completed—"

"Initializing player body. Completed—"

"Adjusting player status. Completed—"

"Player, Ando. Welcome to the world of the Dragon Tales. Have fun and enjoy your life"

"Wha— the heck?!"

He lost consciousness and his vision went blank white. He felt his body was very light.

After that, he regained his consciousness and found himself by the river.

"Ahh ... what happened to me??" he asked himself while he tried to stand up.

He then realized that he was at an unfamiliar place.

"Where am i??"

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