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Endings Don't End You


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Royal Global (n.)- An institution which is the store house for lies, betrayal, love, revenge, friendships, craziness, misunderstandings, money. If you're a student of Royal Global (RG) then either you're hella rich or you've got some good relation with it's owners. Otherwise you're dead meat studying there. •━━━━━━━«-»━━━━━━━• Sofia Alice Jackson-a senior at high school-is the typical description of a wallflower with her small band of friends. She is quite hideous and mysterious with her long sleeved shirts, reserved personality and lack of emotions, or so everyone believed. All her life she just read about high school romances and adventures and crazy parties, never actually experiencing it. Her life was a war at home and invisibility in school. She lived two lives, it seemed. One life at home, as a goody-two-shoes and another at school as an A-grade student who didn't give a damn to drama. But life had other plans for her this time. When her best friends decided to leave her for good, her whole life became a mess. It was like someone had pressed the restart button of her life and everything she went through was a new adventure. New friends. New priorities. New love. New experiences. A roller coaster ride with, murders, lies, betrayals, break-ups. Will they be able to survive it all? Join Sofia and her gang, in this whole ride of endings in Endings Don't End You •━━━━━━━«-»━━━━━━━•


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