1 Chapter 1: A world where magic exists

It was on the morning of the 14th of May that it all started...

"What started you ask?"

It was the start of a story that was about to put the world upside down, you might say, it was the start of a story, that was going to change the world, and now you ask "How did a story like that Begin?"

Well, it all started with a chance encounter, an encounter between a boy and a girl that had no relation to one other, that were from different worlds, and yet they were both about to do great things, things that many could not do, this is their story.

But I know "How did it all start?" you ask, well, without further ado, let us begin...

It all started, on the 14th of May, in the morning to be precise, it started with the waking up of Kurokami Tatsurou.

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A boy that if anybody asked was just your average 15 year-old, first-year high-school student, there were only two things that made him stand out, and it was his black messy hair and his sharp eyes that gave him a piercing glare, these two things made him look in all honesty like a delinquent, but moving on.

Tatsurou always had a hard time waking up honestly he had to put at least 5 different alarms, all on repeat to wake up on time to school, that's just how he was, and we were about to witness how dealt with it, and so the first alarm rang nothing, then the second one also nothing, the third alarm rang and Tatsurou just turned to the other side and kept sleeping, then the fourth came and again nothing.

When the fifth alarm came, he had again no reaction but something unexpected happened, the door of his room swung open with force, something that made Tatsurou jump on his bed, scared and confused.

"What the...!"

Tatsurou said, while he was still in a state of half-awake, half-asleep, looking in every direction, it was just when he looked to his right, that he saw the cause of all this.

"Just how long do you plan on sleeping, and let that alarm ring, huh?!"

The person that asked this to the half-asleep Tatsurou, was Kurokami Hime a woman in her 40's that looked more like she was in her early 20's, she had short hair that reached to her shoulders, sharp eyes, and was wearing a navy blue dress, her hands placed on her waist, waiting for a response, as she stood next to Tatsurou's bed.

"Why do you have to scream like that, so early in the morning, Hime?" Tatsurou asked while he scratched his head and acted like he hadn't done anything wrong.

"Why do I have to scream so early in the morning, you ask? Pretty simple, if I don't do this you won't wake up on time for school, right?" Hime said as she pinched Tatsurou's cheeks to wake him up.

"Ok, ok, I get, please stop pinching my cheeks already, it hurts!" As Tatsurou said this, Hime stopped, and he was left rubbing his cheeks to ease the pain.

"Honestly, I still have my doubts about leaving you alone starting today, will even be able to wake up?" Hime asked with a worried tone and expression.

"Don't worry about that Hime, I'll manage somehow..."

"It's not "I'll manage somehow" and more like I will manage it, understood!" Hime said this while pinching Tatsurou's right cheek, but let go after Tatsurou said "yes mam"

"That's more like it, now get dressed and come eat breakfast before going to school..." Hime said as she left the room leaving Tatsurou sitting in is bed, still processing a bit of what happened, after a little bit he jumped out of it and went to his wardrobe to get dressed.

"It's always the same with Hime, I can't get enough sleep..." Tatsurou thought this while he was getting dressed, and for many asking themselves who this woman might be, it's kind of complicated, but one thing is sure she is not his mother, but she is a matter of fact the closest Tatsurou ever had to a mother, and regardless of what we just saw, Hime cares deeply for him and it was the same for Tatsurou as well, and with that he finished, getting dressed.

"Done, now the only thing left is getting my bag, and I'm ready to go..."

Tatsurou said this while he adjusted his uniform and went in the direction of his school bag, after grabbing it, he picked up his phone too and left his room to go to the kitchen.

When he got to the kitchen Hime was wearing an apron, finishing up breakfast, Tatsurou in all honesty just wanted to grab a piece of toast and be on his way, but just as he was about to do that, he felt an aura of impending doom hovering around him.

"Don't even think about it!" Hime said this without even looking at him like she knew what he was about to do, so Tatsurou complied and sited down waiting for his meal... after about 4 minutes, it was ready and Hime started to put everything on the table, took off her apron and took a seat facing Tatsurou.

"Ok then, let's eat!" Hime said as both she and Tatsurou put their hands together gave a slight bow and started eating, while they were eating Hime began looking at Tatsurou, as if she were analyzing him, Tatsurou took notice of that.

"Is something wrong?" Tatsurou asked Hime with a rather puzzled expression, Hime looked at Tatsurou in the eyes and let out the biggest of sighs, ever heard.

"You still need to explain me what's the problem you have with wearing a standard shirt with your uniform..." Hime said as she sighed again.

"So that's why you were looking at me, I thought it was something else, ahaha", Tatsurou said this while he laughed, but Hime on the other hand looked kind of depressed, if you're wondering the school Tatsurou goes to like many others as a uniform policy, the boys wear a classic gakuran, while the girls wear the classical sailor fuku, both being black and white, however in Tatsurou's school the uniform policy isn't that strict, boys can wear what they prefer under their gakuran and girls can wear a cardigan over their sailor fuku if they want, in Tatsurou's particular case he wears a hoodie with is gakuran, much to Hime's dismay.

"Honestly this makes you look like a delinquent, and those sharp eyes don't help either..." Hime said that Tatsurou almost choked on his milk and started coughing.

"What is this about, Hime?" Tatsurou said this, still struggling and trying to catch his breath.

"I'm not saying this to mess with you, I'm saying that with that look you might give people the wrong idea and that's not good, right? And you won't make friends looking like that..." Hime said this with a rather serious, but also worried tone and expression, because, from a very young age, Tatsurou had a hard time socializing with people, and with his rather rough look and awkward attitudes it was hard for people to get close to him, so Hime worried a lot.

"Don't worry about that Hime, its not like I dress or look for people to like me..." Tatsurou said this with a rather stoic and humorous expression, that made Hime hit him with a chop in his head.

"I worry about you, and this is how you act, seriously!!!" Hime said this as she started pouting, and looking away from Tatsurou, while he was scratching his head thinking, that he shouldn't have said that.

"Listen, Hime, I know you worry about me but you don't have to, I might not have a lot of friends but the ones I consider friends, are good people and I cherish them, and I'm trying my best every day to become better, so rest assured!" After saying all of this Tatsurou finished with a smile, Hime, of course, was a bit taken aback by what he said, it was something unusual for him to do, so she nodded and replied like him with a smile and after this, they started talking about other things while they finished eating...

"Thanks for the food" Both Tatsurou and Hime said this as they finished eating, and as Tatsurou was getting up, he grabbed both his dishes and Hime's and took them to the sink, after putting them there he was about to start cleaning them that was when Hime taped him in the shoulder, as Tatsurou looked at her she was with an expression that read "aren't you forgetting something?".

That was when Tatsurou realized that the dishes had to be cleaned later and he had to go to school, he turned away from the sink and went for his chair, grabbed his bag, and went straight to the door and as he was putting his shoes on, Hime approached him.

"Tatsurou, you already know that I'm going to be away for a while, so try to go to bed early, and have proper meals, and also don't sleep during classes, and also try to wake up..." As Hime kept going on and on with what Tatsurou should do and don't while she was away, he finished putting his shoes on and was already up and ready to leave.

"Alright, I will try to do all of that..." Tatsurou interrupted Hime by saying this while reaching to the door to be on his way, when Hime pulled Tatsurou close to her by pushing him by an ear.

"It's "I will do everything you just said!" right, Tatsurou?" Hime said as she kept pulling on Tatsurou's ear.

"Yes, mam!" Tatsurou replied in a bit of pain and Hime stopped.

"I should be on my way th..." As Tatsurou said this, Hime interrupted Tatsurou by giving him a big and tight hug.

"I'm going to miss you, Tsu-chan!" Hime said this as she kept hugging Tatsurou.

"What are you saying! Don't call me by that nickname..." Tatsurou said with an embarrassed tone as he heard Hime calling him by his nickname, but nowadays she just calls him that to either mess with him or when she's being sincere with him it's not like he dislikes the nickname, it's rather the fact that there was someone he holds dear used to call him that too, but let us save this for another time.

"I'm sorry, Tatsurou, I just couldn't help it..." Hime said this with a worried tone and expression, as she looked a Tatsurou.

"Don't worry about it, your one of the few people I'm okay with, but I would rather not be called that..." Tatsurou said this with a rather cute smile while looking at Hime.

"Well then, I'm off to school have a safe trip and have fun at work!" Tatsurou said this while he walked outside of his house that was, by the way, an apartment complex, where he lived with Hime, on the second floor.

"Likewise Tatsurou, have a safe trip, and have fun at school!" Hime said with a smile as she waved at Tatsurou.

"I Will try..." Tatsurou replied with a smile too, and so he left his apartment to go to school and as soon as he put a foot outside the apartment complex he was greeted by a tall Beast-kin, that was a half-man, half-wolf with long silver hair, black fur, wearing blue jeans and a sweater and an apron, cleaning the entrance of the complex.

"Good morning, Wise-san..." Tatsurou said with a calm tone and expression to the Best-kin.

"Well, if it isn't Tatsurou-chan, good morning!" The Beast-kin replied with a rather joyous and cute voice "Is everything ok Tatsurou-chan? Need something?" The best-kin asked still with her cute voice on.

"Everything is alright, no need to worry..." Tatsurou said as he smiled a bit.

"Ok then, if you need something you know where to find me!" The beast-kin said this while giving a wink to Tatsurou before going away, Tatsurou just replied with a nod.

And by the way, this beast-kin was called Wise and she is a female beast-kin who also happens to be the landlord of this apartment complex, that she has been running for about 20 years, Tatsurou as known her since he was a kid, and she was to him a type of an older sister if you will.

I know, why is there a beast-kin that runs an apartment complex, and why isn't Tatsurou taken aback by it, that's rather simple because these kind of things are normal these creatures of myth exist and so does magic, something that I should probably have said from the beginning, but no time like the present, I guess, now you know that, in this world, magic exists, to be more precise all of the magic instead of being spread around the world after it was revealed, it was concentrated all in one place that place was in an artificial island that was between Hawaii and Japan that was known as Takamagahara island, an island that was bigger than Switzerland but smaller than Austria.

It is like an independent country and is structured with a central island with a tower right in the middle, that is the main island and the tower that stood there tall and imposing was the tenko-no-to, shortened to tenko tower, by its inhabitants, and around that main island stood other smaller islands, that specialized in different types of magic research, referred to as districts, there were a total of 10 districts but to be fair every district, felt like a small country of their own.

"And what was the purpose of such an island?" You might ask, the purpose of, said island, was to research magic and give a place to live to both people that use magic and magical creatures, but to be honest, research was the most wanted thing, to protect and help was to look good in front of the press, but anyways this is not important right now, what was important was that Tatsurou should be on his way to school.

And so he did, he finally left the complex and started walking towards school, that was rather close, a 20-minute walk from his place, 15 if you ran, or just 4 or 5 if you took the monorail, but Tatsurou prefers the first a calm evenly paced walk to school, hands in his hoodie's pockets with his mind lost in thoughts, he went like always and like always he thought to himself that nothing out of the norm would happen but...

"Kuuuuuroookaaamiiiiiiii-kuuuun!" A girly voice shouted Tatsurou's name from behind, that made him stop and look back, but he knew who it was, so he kept walking, that was when he was pulled back by an invisible force that made Tatsurou fall on his back on the sidewalk, the girl then, finally caught up to him.

"Good morning, Sachiko-san..." Tatsurou said as he was still lying on the sidewalk.

"Good morning to you too, Kurokami-Kun!" Sachiko said this, as she tried to catch her breath "Honestly you could have waited for me at the very least so we could go to school together, and don't act like you don't know me, when I call you!!" Sachiko said this in a rather angry way while she put her right hand, on her hip

"Yeah sorry about that, I was just messing with you and after all, it wasn't like you couldn't catch up with...pure as the white clouds today, huh?" Tatsurou said this as he made a small stop, that confused Sachiko a bit.

"Huh, what are you talking about..." As Sachiko said this she noticed, that since Tatsurou was lying on the ground, he could see under her skirt, and by consequence, he could see her underwear, her face turned completely red and she did a small backward hop, to get away from Tatsurou.

"Y-Y-You, perv! W-Who told you to look!" Sachiko asked this completely embarrassed.

"Well, it's not my fault, you were the one that pushed me back and then you got close, I guess you could say "you reap what you sow", right?" Tatsurou said it while he got back up, by the way, this embarrassed girl in front of Tatsurou was, Sachiko Aiko, his classmate and one of his friends, she was wearing the female version of the school uniform that Tatsurou goes to, but she wore a cardigan over her sailor fuku, she is a rather very beautiful girl with long black hair that reaches to the middle of her back and black eyes to compliment her black hair, you could say that she was a good example of Japanese beauty.

And the fact that she could push Tatsurou without touching him was proof that she had a magic ability, it was an ability called telekinesis, that fell in the magic chart in the Esper category.

"Your just the worst! Now I can't get married anymore!" Sachiko said this with a distressed tone and Tatsurou looked at her with a rather guilty look, but then it turned into a rather serious one.

"Alright then, I will take responsibility and marry you!" Tatsurou said this with a rather serious look on his face that made Sachiko became even more embarrassed, so much so, that she got even redder than before, and you could almost see smoke coming out of her head.

"You...you idiot, don't joke about things like that!!!" Sachiko said this as she kept blushing even more "I'm not joking..." Tatsurou was in fact joking and just messing with her.

"YOUR AN IDIOT KUROKAMI-KUN! DON'T EVEN TALK TO ME!!!" As Sachiko shouted this, she began running away from Tatsurou.

"Wait Sachiko..." Tatsurou called Sachiko but It was useless as she was already too far away and too angry at Tatsurou to listen.

"That girl, honestly..." Tatsurou said to himself while he crossed his arms, as they have known each other since fifth grade and at first, their relationship was for a lack of better words wonky, but they started to warm up to each other and in the end became friends, even though as the years passed Sachiko started to view Tatsurou as more than a mere friend, but of course, Tatsurou was oblivious to that so her reactions or actions didn't affect him, much to her dismay.

"She's going to be angry at me for a while, I should get something to apologize..." Tatsurou said this while thinking of ways to make Sachiko forgive him, he thought of going to the convenience store to his left, but then again there was probably nothing there that was good enough to make her less angry, that's when it hit him.

"That's right! I should buy her a sweet and she will probably forgive me!" Tatsurou said this with a rather confident expression and tone, and so instead of going to school right away, he decided to make a little detour to buy Sachiko an apology gift.

After a little 5 minute detour, he found a sweets shop that Sachiko had been talking about for the past few days, that in her words and from what she had heard, had a really good strawberry cake, he went in to buy it for her, he got out as fast as he got in.

"Alright! Now that it's done, I just have to give it to her!" Tatsurou said with a confident tone as he was ready to go and make that apology.

But as I said, this was the day that things would change and they were about to in this precise moment, as Tatsurou was beginning to walk away from the sweets shop, someone came running towards him and as matter of fact they crashed against each other something that made the person that was running towards Tatsurou fall on her butt, while Tatsurou remained standing.

"Hey, you should watch where you going..." As Tatsurou said this with a rather harsh tone as he looked at the person sitting on the ground, but at the same time he got taken aback, as in front of him was a young girl, with beautiful pale pink hair that reached to her shoulders, with an ahoge, that sprouted from the top of her hair, her eyes were blue, her face made her look like a doll and she dawned shrine maiden clothes, that gave the impression that she was born to wear them, Tatsurou couldn't take his eyes off her, he kept looking at her in silence mesmerized by her beauty, but the shrine maiden girl, broke this silence.

"I'm sorry, you're right, I should watch where I was going, someone could have gotten hurt, if I'm not careful!" The girl said this with a rather soft and polite tone and her voice was just as her looks, beautiful beyond compare.

"Yeah right, you should be more careful..." Tatsurou said this, while helping the girl getting back on her feet by grabbing her hand, but at the same time looking away from the her, as he was both astonished and embarrassed about having given a harsh response to her, but then...

"She can't have gone too far!" A voice of a woman could be heard saying this, and Tatsurou looked in the direction of the voice while he was still holding the shrine maidens hand, that was when he noticed that the girl started gripping his hand tighter, and when Tatsurou looked at her he saw her face with an expression of fear that he thought he would never see again in his life, and so without thinking Tatsurou kept holding her hand as he ran to the closest back alley he saw, that was next to the shop he was just in.

"Stay behind me and don't make a sound..." Tatsurou said this as soon as they entered the back alley.

"O-Ok" The girl replied, and then Tatsurou started watching around the corner to catch a look of her pursuer, her pursuer was a woman perhaps in her 30's with red hair and eyes and she wore priest robes, that even with that, she looked like someone you wouldn't want to mess with, she stopped at the exact place that Tatsurou and the shire maiden had been standing not so long ago and began to look left and right, as her life depended on it, after a short while she gave up and started moving again.

"Shit! Where the hell did she run off to..." They were a bit far, but Tatsurou could more or less get a gist of what she was saying, and after a while, she completely vanished like she never was there, to begin with.

"Looks like she's gone..." Tatsurou said, this while turning to the shrine maiden.

"That's good and all, but you can let go of my hand now, please?" The girl asked this with a shy tone and once again with a politeness that shouldn't even be possible, as one could imagine, Tatsurou got embarrassed, he didn't even realize, that he had been holding her hand since the beginning.

"Sorry..." Tatsurou said with an embarrassed tone and look as he let go of the girl's hand.

"You don't have to apologize like that, you helped without even knowing me, and I can't be angry at someone who did that!" The girl said as she smiled "Yeah...right..." Tatsurou once again was shocked with her politeness and demeanor in a way he just wasn't ready for.

"Well then, I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused and thank you once more for your help!" As the girl said this she turned to Tatsurou and began to walk away "Wait, a second..." As Tatsurou was about to ask her to stop, and ask her name, the girl collapsed on the ground

"What the! Are you alright!?" Tatsurou asked as he approached the girl but as he did that, he heard a growling sound "I'm, so hungry..." The girl said this while lying on the ground with her stomach growling louder and louder, this took Tatsurou aback a bit, but not for long as made a decision on the spot.

"Alright, you're coming with me!" Tatsurou said as he helped her get up, and started walking with her at a slow pace "Wait where are you..." Just as she was about to ask this to Tatsurou, he interrupted her.

"Just, follow me ok...?" As Tatsurou said this, she looked at him and nodded, while they went away from the back alley and into the streets again...

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