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Read -end- novel written by the author ggone_ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, covering romance, reincarnation, comedy, modern, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


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Part of review swap, I've read up to the latest chap, though it's still early to say much about the book, but from what I've read so far, it's obvious how it's gonna be more interesting in the future. The characters are funny, and I love the author crafty method of portraying some reactions with the use of punctuation, I can't stop laughing eachtime I came across it😂😂 Grammar is good, i wish the author good luck in her novel, hoping for more release, I want to know more😂😂😂😂😂


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It's too soon to comment on how the plotline is, but for now, I can say that the grammar has no major problems. So far, the plot seems interesting, and I'm waiting for more! (^‿^)


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I have read all the chapters that are updated so far and I do find the storyline interesting. Though it's just the start, I have a hunch that the story is going to be damn good♥️♥️♥️ Good job author 👍👌


It's hilarious to read something that you thought only Korean drama comedy could capture. How the FL scrunched her face, her body languages, her thought process when she's angry, were captured in detail. I am as a reader could easily picture it in my head, like a Korean drama. We have a shameless (I think) ML here as well. From my initial vie, I think he has a lot of regrets and that's why he acted this way now. I can't wait to read more chapters. Thanks for sharing this with me.


I'm in a middle of the reading right now but for flying unicorn, can we all get this book a huge attention please? This book is so good and funny!!! 😂🤘🏻 The novel is very interesting that it's like watching a kdrama or other school romance to watch , especially the humors putting into the chapters like the text emojis based of the FL characters' thoughts. Sometimes a bit confusing what it means but not much getting too deep since this novel went very well and nice pace to tell this heavenly story 💕 The world setting, story scenes, dialogue, and not too fast of character developments is simply and writtenly smooth. I don't see any grammar errors which the novel as I said earlier its enjoyable to read 🙌🏻📘 If this book is not added into your library, then your missing out the fun~ 😉 Ok, I'm going back to reading. Thanks for sharing your story, Author! I wish you best writing more in the future! **click Post Review** 🥰


Its unique in its own way, too bad i read too fast and got nothing to read anymore. 😂 I got hook. Thanks author! We need more chaps! (Review trade)


The story is nicely described in a refreshing way, the author is diligent and I hope that the stability of the updates will also improve in the future not make cry the greedy readers. The story develops at its normal pace and world background is making its ways through. Goodluck Author


It's fascinating in it's on way on how the story is written. Humorous and challenging the reader's knowledge of what we know as the common things become uncommon in this book. Bold and brilliant as to how characters feelings are described using emoticons though most of us would prefer to use words. Feel free to give the book a read and be ready to be fascinated which will leave you with lots of questions.


Liking the story so far. Wish there were more chapters dear author. I really like shameless ML that takes the girl. Supporting the couple here and hope to know more about them. Good job author!


One of the better romance books on this site. I really like the characters—first, there's the female lead. I like her because she has that hint of shamelessness in her and isn't the goodie-two-shoes Mary Sue we are always bombarded with in other novels like that. the ML similar has an interesting personality. The pacing was great, I wasn't bored while reading at all. It also helped that the author had a basic grasp of english, as the writing style is good.


I really like how descriptive the novel was with the characters and the settings. I personally love stories with handsome male leads heheh... So far I like the novel. My English isn't great but I think that the grammar in this novel is really good. The way the FL and ML met was funny (not gonna spoil anything). I really like the titles of the chapters (yes I'm kind of weird). The novel also makes me laugh. I really like how the author puts in random 'emojis' as it helps me visualize and it's funny.


Reader Unnie found another shameless female lead. Hahaha. But hey, we're all shameless when it comes to handsome guys. :P The writing style is actually fresh and modern. The grammar is nearly perfect *sorry if I couldn't catch the mistakes because I am a fast reader* Increase the paragraph sizes a bit maybe? Overall a good work. Hope to see it getting bigger. And oh, the description of the male lead matches with Jimin.


I can only say that this book is a gem! I cannot find fault in this. Although, it still to early for a review I enjoyed the first and the latest chapters very much. It was easy to understand and was very well written. I'm curious. Author, you got me hook! More chapters to come please! Keep up the good work!


The writing quality for this work is far better than the average author we have on webnovel. The story flows smoothly with no big grammatical mistakes or anything of that sort - which let me tell you is a very big plus in my book. (I hate when the story has its tenses or pronouns all mixed up) So, good job on that author! Next, the story development is a bit slow at the moment but since the work is still in the early stages, I don't mind that. Moreover, it's better to get the background details out of the way in the beginning so that you don't end up having into dumps as the story moves along (this is my personal opinion though most authors don't seem to agree with that. *meh*) The character design seems a bit mystifying which makes a reader eager to know what will happen next. All in all, this story is worth a read on an idyllic day 🙂👍


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I feel like watching a Korean drama. The setting descriptions and the narration could easily make you imagine how the story unfolds. For me, a story that could make you see images clearly is great sometimes it is one of the writer's struggles and I might say that the author did great. It's still early to say something about the story development but so far so good. It's enough to say that this story won't disappoint. Author-ssi, I wish you all the best! Fighting!


It's kinda too early to rate the book tbh. The ML's character is not fully fleshed out or at least not developed yet. The FL seems strong so far but the initial chapters took out some time only introducing her and the people around her instead of going deeper into the story. I liked it so far but I still cannot tell where the story is going coz its too early. Do update so that I can get a better understanding!


After binge-reading this novel, I can list out a few things. 1) The writing quality is refreshing, I like the different concept style, I can say that since I'm an author myself. I especially like the cute emoticons! 2) The characters have been designed to have depth, I love how the ML at first seemed to be the usual cold male, but turned out so cute.! Overall, the novel deserves it's ratings.


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