1 First Smile

Inside the empty classroom, a pen hitting the table echoes throughout the empty room.

At the back end, beside the window outside, sitting, lay a person, His face was pale white, he had a sharp chin and his hair lay in a crisp at the top of his head, almost side curls on his wide forehead; his eyes were rather large, black and void of emotion, blankly staring outside the window.

The snow fell from dark gloomy clouds, This weather really comforts me. I look around at the 'empty' surroundings, the mass color of blue, green, and red, christmas decorations, blinded by the colorful decor. I rubbed my eye lids to remove the dizziness and looked outside the room, In contrast to this quiet place, the outside was bustling with life and noise of the students,

I sighed as I look at the 'cold', numerous empty chairs, I stood up and left the classroom, outside, I looked around and saw my schoolmates joyful faces, filled with laughter and other kinds of positive energy, incontrast to what I feel, all empty and void. Why? I feel like I'm not part of this world, Why can't I just be gone?


I woke up from my daze like state, the bell ringing, everyone left as in que and left to the school grounds. I stood there, watching them leave from floor to floor, until I'm the only left, or so I thought.

I heard the loud, first cast music from the stage, school grounds, two of my schoolmates, male and female? Doing a duet? They are singing a very familiar christmas song, Christmas In Our Hearts, by Jose Mari Chan, a sad smile seemed to appear on my face, as I started humming with the music.

I heard some small thump of footsteps, and thought that person will soon leave, so I didn't move, just continue stare at the stage, at the same time I stop humming, but what I thought didn't happen, the person who I guess will leave, soon reach me and stop beside me, she started to sing the song, with heartfelt emotions and soon a tear fell from my eye, I look at the person beside me for a clear view of the girl, she's wearing the white school uniform, with her white coat on, she look likes a fairy, astonished at the beautiful lady beside me, she smiled at me, her bright smile feels like a ray of sunshine through my dark grey world.

"I didn't know you could smile, Luel." as she crosses her arms behind her, and step forward to me while smiling, her bright clear blue eyes, was filled with joy, like seeing something rare piece of diamond, she calls me in a familiar tone.

"Who are you?" I ask, while I pointed my finger to her chest. I'm a six foot tall, and she's 5'8. Her cascading hair, flow from the ice, cold wind.

Diary of Luel,

Day 1, Tuesday, December 2020,

The last month of the year, and the first day of the month, I met a girl with the same uniform as me, she's really beautiful, fell from the above, and she knows me, just who is she?



Okay, okay Heads up to you readers I'm new and I don't have an expectation for this book to have ranked in the new Christmas event, and this book is only as a stepping stone for my main novel. But I will still work hard for the storyline of this short story, but I still have an inkling of hope of a succeeding novel.

And if there's any grammar etc. wrong, Please inform me. tnx guys!

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