2 •LetMeMove

The slow moving cars , flashy bright lights and the gray footpath were the last things I saw as I was about to get slammed on the ground.


I was sure I hit that footpath , I could feel the excruciating pain running through my nerves. My worthless life... I was sure I took it. That pain I felt was the proof I took my life.

'Then why... Why am I looking at this truck driving towards?!'

It was an unbelievable experience , numerous questions popped in my head. But there was one big question that I couldn't get out of my head.

'What is real?'

Was what happening before me real? Or was it just a dream? Or did the life I lived as a jobless person was a dream?


The question was still there but I couldn't think about it anymore as I had something more important to do and that was to get the hell out of the middle of road.


That was the moment I realised that I could no longer feel my body , it was as if I was trapped in my own body. With eyes which couldn't move and mouth which couldn't speak I stood waiting for the truck to hit me.

From what I could see , this alley remembered me of my school days when I used to walk alone back to my home.

'Now that I think about it really is similar to that alley.'

As the truck closed the distance between us a group of boys passed from my left , among the three of them I only remembered 'his' face.



The loud horn continued playing but I couldn't move a single bit , the distance closed even further. The group of boys seemed unbothered and went ahead without trying to help me.

'Ah , why am I even holding on to this life? This might just be a dream , yeah that explains what's happening right now. Let's just wait till the truck hits me.'


"Hopeless humans! See what happens when you try to give them second chance father? They are just waste of life."

'I was right in the end. Worthless fools.'

While I was frustrated watching the foolish girl give up on life again my father had something different in his mind.

"Shh. Let's enjoy the show , shall we?"


Just as I was about give up on my life... again , I saw 'him' running towards me. He was... perfect , the boy who was my archenemy during my school days.

'Archenemy? Sounds so cringe.'

That's what I thought now , but during my school days I always saw him as my enemy. An obstacles that suddenly appeared in my path. Even after graduating school , university and getting a degree he was the obstacle that held me back.

'But why's he running towards me? Is he trying to save me? Hahahaha'

I found it funny , the irony had me laughing. The man- well the boy who was the reason I ended up like I did was running to save my life.

'I would rather die than get saved by you.'

Luckily the truck driver stopped few meters ahead of me and didn't hit me.

'Bweep Bweep'

'Let me move goddamnit. For f*ck sake why is this happening to me? I was just trying to die.'


"This ungrateful wench! We are trying to give her-"

"Shut up and watch it quietly."

I turned my attention back to the video and saw the boy on the girl's body.

"What happened?"

"That's why I told you to shut up."



His warm breath tickled my right ear , just few centimetres away... his lips were few centimetres away from mine. But-

'No way!'

I felt his lips on mine for a second. My instincts kicked in and I kicked that boy in his nuts.


The surprise attack seem to have worked and I was able to get away from him.

'So this was his intention all the time , to k-k-k-kiss me. Wait-'

Looking at his innocent face I thought ,

'This might just be a misunderstanding.'

Even though there was high probability of it being an misunderstanding I acted confident and said ,

"Y-You why did you k-kiss me you pervert?!"

I was yellow belt in karate classes I used to take during my middle school , I had to leave them because of some financial problems but the techniques came handy in times like this.

'Atsu , I'll never forgive you.'

The boy who was currently down because of my deadly attack was Atsu , the obstacle.

"Hey dude , are you alright?"

His two friends who were walking with him few seconds ago caught up to him and started to ask if her was alright.

"Damn , that kick in nuts must've hurt."

I felt a little guilty but didn't let it show on my face.

"Is this guy alright?"

Even the truck driver got down his vehicle to see if Atsu was alright , the guilt increased but my confident face didn't change at all.

Slowly his hands moved and he got up from the ground , patting his pants he cleaned the dusty pants.

"Dude , you alright?"

Ignoring his friend's concern Atsu walked up to me , I maintained my karate stance and was on alert.


"That kick hurt."


"Hahahaha , this guy is good. Slap for a kick in nuts , Hahahaha."

At that time I didn't notice it as I too focused on the video but my father a small smile on his face.

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