1 Prologue

Prologue: Starting Year 2030, A game called Fansia Gun AdTech (fantasia gun advance technology) was developed. I started playing this game as soon as I got it and I think it's amazing. I played the game for almost 2 hours, then I realize that I haven't eaten yet outside the game. When I tried to log out the game, there I realized that there's no log out button. Suddenly a screen appeared. A notification pop up in front of me. When I done reading the notification I suddenly felt myself teleporting somewhere. Then suddenly the notification I got, showed a person in a black cloak.

"Welcome players! Welcome to Fansia Gun AdTech. This is not the opening ceremony. I know all of you are confused. But first I'll point out the main point on why I am here. I gather you all to announce that all of you here, have been trap in this game. Even if your families tried removing your VR machine on your head, you will never return to the real world. You will stay here forever until you die. Unless, if you can defeat the god, also know as the last boss in the final stage, that you can return safely in the real world. Have fun players... By the way, before I forgot, if you die here in the game, you will also die in the real world" He said. Leaving us stunned by his last words. Saying the word "die" with a creepy smile.

The screen close on it's own. Everything that the cloaked man said, every words he said I remember them. "What the f*ck?! Are you f*cking kidding me?! HAHA..." I said while laughing maniacally. And then smirked. "I will make sure that I.... will go back home safely in the real world." I tilted my head up looking at the sky and feeling the wind as it pass by. ________________________________________________________

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