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End of The beginning


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Description: 2030, the year that the first VRMMORPG has been released, and a tragedy that no players can escape. "THERE'S NO LOG OUT BUTTON" It's a death game you need to kill the final boss to escape this game. After 7 years, the 1 million players before, is now left with 50 thousand players and the day has come for the final boss to show its appearance. The boss was defeated. And 1 person, a player the only man that survive. After you woke up you find yourself that you're still inside the game but everything seems to restart in the starting point. (After he woke up, he still finds himself stuck inside the game but it seems like he went back in time where it all started) "Now that God has given me a second chance to live. I will protect my friends my family on this game until the very end." This is the story of a boy that was given a second chance to live and to change his destiny.