Enclave of Kings: Nightshade's Revenge Book

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Enclave of Kings: Nightshade's Revenge


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"I am here to exact my vengeance." she said while drawing a pentagram. "I know." the prince smiled bitterly. Sauntering near her, he drew his sword and nullified her spell. "But I also know that you can never kill me." Lily has always loved dark arts and tales. She wished to become a witch. But being the only princess of her kingdom, she could not fulfill her wish. However, in just one night Lily lost everything. She was destined to die but she survived. Not only she was able to get out alive, but she also got her heart's desire, to become a witch. Now only one thing is certain... she needs to exact REVENGE! Being fascinated by myths, legends and history, Briar had always loved the Enclave of Kings. As one of the future members, it was his duty to prevent any chaos from rising. And for some reasons he could not shake the feeling that curse left by the Enclave's nemesis might be fulfilled... in the form of his own betrothed. Who in their right mind would like to become a witch? Lily wants revenge... Briar has to stop her... Will their love prevail or will their own mission get in the way? Disclaimer: the cover pic is not mine. Credits belong to the artist.


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