1 Awakening

Jiang Ying Yue woke up in a dense forest, laying on a bed of wet grass and her own blood.

"Just where am I?"

Her memories started to come back to her, but not only one set of memories but two, one from the past and one from the present life.

In her past life, she was a famous master of medicine and cultivator of the martial path. She was known as the goddess of medicine and the founder of the Heavenly Dew sect as well as the Empress of martial art.

In this life, she is the doted 5th child and only daughter of a noble. Crippled by her oldest brother Jiang Li Jun and thrown into the West Mist Forest, known for its thick mist during the morning and evening as well as its spiritual beasts.

"I need to find a safe place where I can rest and take care of my wounds."

She stood up and started moving further into the forest. As she had been thrown out here early in the morning and was unconscious for a couple of hours it was now in the middle of the day. The mist had already gone away but as the forest was pretty dense it was still a bit difficult to see further in. Ying Yue still managed to find some herbs that could help her broken meridians heal.

All the herbs that she found she put in the space bag she had managed to hide in her clothes before she was dragged out of her room and crippled by her eldest brother.

Other than broken meridians she had a gash on her back that needed immediate care. She managed to find some herbs that could be made into a paste that could stop the bleeding and stopped to quickly prepare it and put it on. For bandage, she tore off a piece of fabric from her dress and continued walking.

About an hour later she found a small cave. After investigating it for a short while she found no signs of anything living there so she cut down some branches to use as a camouflage. She had also managed to find some rotten fruit nearby which she spread around the cave to somewhat hide her own smell.

In the cave, she then built a small fireplace. Though it wasn't the smartest thing to do as the smoke could give away her location she needed the heat. She did her best to thin the smoke out by using a giant leaf to spread it out. Then the fire had properly started the smoke wasn't as thick anymore so she could sit down and rest for a bit.

Taking out a some of the herbs she had picked to heal her meridians she started working on making some medicine with them. Even though the herbs could help her heal her meridians her future would be very limited as they wouldn't be able to heal them completely. Ying Yue estimated her healed meridians would only be able to take her to the peak of the 7th human realm. To get back to her peak condition she needed to gather rare herbs that were hard to come by. But for the moment being able to cultivate at all would be a blessing as she had to start from the beginning again.

Just like most of the herbs were similar to the ones she could find in her past life the cultivation realms were similar too. You start your cultivation with the nine human realms after that comes the six earth realms and thereafter the three heavenly realms. These three realms are the most commonly known realms but she had managed to reach further than that in her past life.

What is not commonly know and only a few cultivators know of is that the martial world is endless. After the heavenly realm, you get into the six immortal realms then you will get into the three space realms and after that, you will arrive at the two origin realms. So far no known cultivator has reached past the second stage of origin realm but it is speculated that there's a realm after that, known as the universal realm. Ying Yue herself had only managed to reach the second stage of the immortal realm in her past life but even that realm is at an unimaginable level.

An hour passed and the medicine was complete. Ying Yue drank it all up despite its extremely bitter taste and started cultivating. She had to circulate the energy of the medicine to the damaged meridians.

Another three hours passed and she could finally feel her damaged meridians starting to heal up. When all the energy from the medicine had dissipated she made more medicine, drank it and started to cultivate again. She continued this pattern of actions until the medicine was no longer effective. Then she started cultivating spiritual energy again.

Around noon the next day she had reached the second stage of the mortal realm. This could be considered pretty fast in the cultivation world but her present self had reached the 6th realm before she was crippled. This body was used to the flow of spiritual energy so her cultivation speed would naturally be higher than any other beginner.

Ying Yue decided to take a break from cultivating. Despite being only a second stage human realm cultivator she had enough power to hunt a grade one spiritual beast. So she went out on her hunt.

Other than the magical beasts known for having great meat they also had monster cores. These cores were made of concentrated spirit energy and would be highly beneficial for a cultivator to absorb while cultivating. Even though grade one beasts could only give you grade one cores which are pretty low on spiritual energy they were still to use than to just sit still and absorb the nearby spirit energy.

After walking for a while she finally found a grade one spiritual bear. She immediately took out a dagger and commenced her attack. Quickly and quietly she dashed onto the bears back and slit its throat, blood gushing everywhere from its open wound. The spiritual bear died without even a chance to react. This was Ying Yue's style. No matter how dirty she was she always ended her fights as quickly as possible.

Ying Yue cut the bear open to get to its core but just as she was about to take it out she heard a loud roar.

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"What the hell is going on?!"

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