1 Chapter 1


"Yes your highness"

"It's done the marriage is set, in two weeks time you will be getting married to prince Gerard".

Ugh how could I get married to someone who's name is Gerard, well he still might be handsome? Nope not even a little bit. Kind? Nope he's the definition of a sociopath. My father only arranged the wedding so his kingdom can prosper when he leaves this world, so I need to marry someone rich that means.

"Husband?" The wife said to her husband the king in a eager tone

"There is someone at the door"

"I will check on it go clean the dishes for me, my feet are too tired as well give me a massage too right after you are done"

"Yes husband"

A man with hair that fell to his mid waist was kneeling at the door, his hair was a Smokey grey with his skin as pale as the moon. When he looked up at the king his eyes were filled with red flames but were still beautiful.

"Who are you to interrupt me while I am having dinner" the king said sternly at the man "do you have no shame" the king continued to say

"I am sorry for bothering you your highness but I am a traveler from another kingdom, my father sent me, you see I am a substitute for my brother who was actually supposed to be here. He couldn't make it for he had business elsewhere so I will be doing his business here for him" The man said quietly and almost nervous as he looked down at the ground the entire time

"Well your father should've gave me a little further notice but since his son will be marrying my daughter I will go easy on him, come in come in." "You should've told me this sooner I was about to arrest you for trespassing" the king finished giggling.

As the king brought the man inside he asked what his name is.

"My name is Brutus"

"How come you look that way Brutus, your eyes they are not normal are you from this world?"

"Excuse me?" "What did you just say, I'm sorry but that is none of your business for my father won't even tell me" Brutus said passive aggressively.

Brutus and the king walked into the dining room were only his daughter was still sitting on her chair with her tea in one hand and a fork in the other with her legs crossed and her back straight as a pencil as she ate dinner. Her father introduced Brutus to her and explained that he will be staying here for his brother since he couldn't be here right now.

Brutus looked at her and a rush of fire filled his soul with desire and jealousy that his unkind and corrupted brother will be marrying this beautiful goddess of a women.

"Hello princess my name is Brutus I am your fiancés brother could you tell me a little bit about yourself I think it's only best that we get to know one another" Brutus said with a eager tone in his voice

"Of course my name is Luna, I live upstairs right down the hall furthest from my parents bedroom and I live under strict rules that my father if he didn't already needs you to be aware of" The princess continued to talk to Brutus about the rules of the castle.

-no leaving the castle unless you are a male

-no talking back to people higher than you(this only applies to women)

-no one can ever visit the princess without the king being present or at least without his permission

-no one can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner until the king has sat down.

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