1 Character Creation

[Choose your name.]






[Create your character]

A bunch of screens with information popped up in front of him. Haven, smiled and got ready to change some of his sliders. A feature of his body which he had always disliked was his size. No matter how much he seemed to work out, his body stubbornly remained plump and fat. Like a chicken about to roasted in an oven.

Worried, he visited many doctors and even hired some personal trainers. None could understand why his body acted like so. Physically however, despite being a fat bastard, he was fit and strong, able to lift weights even beyond his body weight and was dexterous enough to do splits.

So why in the f*** was he still looking like a fat son of a b****? Well he didn't know, but when Haven heard that an online Virtual Reality game was all the craze, these days. He put his online work on hold and bought the components to play the game.

He carefully sculpted his body from the face till toes to be devoid of any excess fat while subtly changing his features into what he deemed as a perfect body, six pack abs, tightly compacted muscles and a frame that seemed to have an almost perfect blend between speed and strength.

What came out was decent in appearance. His face wasn't amazingly handsome not was it ugly, at first glance it appeared to be an average everyday face but if you looked closer, it had a very slight charm to it. Next Haven changed the color of his eyes.

Golden. This was to give him a gaze that would seem to pierce through anyone who saw him and lastly his hair color was set to an ever darker shade of black than his own.

Haven paused for a few seconds before deciding to change the length of his hair as well. He made it long enough to reach his neck and kept it as such.

Deeming the final appearance of his character to be fine, he prompted to finish character customization.

[Do you wish to finalize your character?]


Haven selected yes.





[Select your race]











This option will randomize your race to one of the races available in Empion.

Extremely low chance of acquiring a race not on the list


"Hm... what should I choose?" Haven mused, rubbing his chin. "System, do races have any racial abilities?"

[Yes. Each race has a different racial ability and some races are vastly superior to others. Would you like to view each racial ability?]


Haven selected yes and a screen appeared before him.



Resourceful and cunning, they have built some of the greatest cities in Empion. Very adaptable to change.

-Ability to learn almost any profession and skill.

-Has the ability to multi class.

-Learn new skills 50% faster than other races.


Forgers and craftsmen that built some of the most famous weapons known to Empion.

-Hammer mastery and forging increases proficiency faster by 50%

-Naturally attuned to forging


Long eared and agile, Elves naturally empower themselves using nature.

-Has the ability to dual class

-When in special element, stats increase by 5%

-Long range combat skills increase proficiency 10% faster.

-DEX increase by 3 per level


Tribal in nature but one of the fastest growing civilizations in Empion.

-Shamanic skills increase proficiency 10% faster.

-Mace combat proficiency increases 10% faster.

-High sense of smell.


Physically strong and agile. They have very high combat instincts.

-Ability to dual class

-Combat skills increase 30% faster in combat and -50% slower outside of combat.

-High combat instincts


One of the most physically strongest race's out there due to innate resistances and regeneration abilities. Are one of the closest allies of the Ogres.

-STR and VIT increase by 3 per level.

-Has [Regeneration] passive.

-Has [Tough Skin] passive


Part beast and part human, this species is considered as an upgrade of humanity by many.

-Able to learn almost any skill

-Ability to triple class

-Depending on beast gene, abilities are gained.

-STR, VIT, DEX increases by 1 per level.


"Hmm... it seems like very race has its merits and demerits. Sigh, I don't think I'll be able to choose any of these as I can't seem to decide which to pick. F***!"

Haven cursed in his heart looking at the options. He then decided, if he couldn't decide, why not let the system choose for him?

"System! I pick randomize."

[Are you sure you wish to randomize? Extremely low probability of getting a different race from the ones listed above. When a race is chosen, you aren't able to change it. ]


Haven shrugged and clicked yes.





[Randomization complete]


[Congratulations of achieving a Legendary race!]


[Race set to Werepire]

[Would you like to view racial abilities?]


"Wtf?" Haven exclaimed, rubbing his eyes once to confirm if what he is seeing is true. "Holy shit! Legendary? Werepire?"

Excited of the prospect, Haven selected yes.

[Warning, some Lore of the Legendary Werepire must first be read in order to view racial abilities.]

[Would you like to read some Lore?]


"Shit! Yes, please!" Haven screamed, clicking the yes button. A blue screen appeared before him.

[Werewolves and Vampires have been at odds against each other for eons upon eons of time. Their many bloody and dangerous wars have incited hate and despair by the many mortals who have been caught up in it. The Werewolf kingdom consists of many tribes and packs each following a vast conglomeration of leaders and warriors known as Ancestors. The Vampire Kingdom consists of many groups of leaders dubbed as Progenitors. Each race wars over the various lands in the country shrouded in shadow, Vesovia.

The bite of a werewolf transfers a special disease known as Lycanthropy and Vampire blood also carries a disease known as Vampirism. Vampirism is the natural enemy of Lycanthropy as when both diseases are introduced into the same host, one will prevail over the other 100% of the time.

Werewolves after a certain period of time, usually in the span of one year, will be permanently stuck in the form of a Half-Wolf and half human. Werewolves are physically superior to vampires in every aspect as well as containing an innate resource known as Rage.

Vampires, in addition to being very fast and agile, have innate powers which allow them to control blood. Their resource is called Blood.

Werewolves Tier 2 and above age at a very slow rate of 100 human years to 1 year and the ones at Tier 4 are immortal. The same applies to vampires.

Werewolves and vampires below Tier 3 have a weakness toward silver and Holy energy.

Now lets explain what exactly YOU are.

You are a hybrid. A being like no other. You are literally the only Werepire to ever exist in all of the history of time. If your existence is found out by any sentient race, you will be deemed as an abomination, a monster among monsters.

You are literally the result of impossibility.

If your existence is found out, every race will fear your potential and hunt you down. You will never find rest as Werepire for this is your curse.

However, every curse is also a blessing...]

"Holy shit. That's not good. Every race will hunt me down?" Haven gasped in surprise.

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