5 Chapter 5 - First Date

When we're done doing homework we just sit talking until she stops and smiles at me then jumps on me and starts making out with me and I roll on top of her and I start kissing her neck I Suck on her neck then Ashley takes her shirt and pants off now she's left in her bra and panties then I do the same then she jumps on me kissing me then she moves down more and more and more until she reaches my panties then she takes off my panties and starts fingering me and licking my pussy "oh fuck baby" I moan out Ashley says "I'm gonna make you cum one way or another" "FUCK IM CUMMING" I moan out then I cum in Ashley's mouth then she swallows it all and looks at me and smiles I say "fuck babe that felt good you really know how to pleasure girls" she responds with "hehehehe yeah and you taste good I want you to taste me now" "okay babe I'm gonna make you cum more than I just did" I say then I undress her and my finger goes to her her sexy pussy and starts massaging it "mmm mmm mmmm" she looks like she's enjoying it time to start licking and sucking her pussy I really wanna taste her so I go down and start sucking on her pussy and I make her cum "AHHHHH FUUUUUCK" Ashley moans then we lay down and cuddle with each other "I love you chloe" Ashley Happily "I love you too" I say back then the bells rings now it's time for dinner so we get up and we go to the cafeteria and we get food and sit down and start eating Ashley Says "so that was a fun date" "Wait that was a date? It was in my room but yeah it was fun" I say "anywhere with just me and you alone can be considered a date" Ashley says "that's true" I say I look into her eyes and I am so happy with her she's so sweet and I love her so much our first date which was legit just in my room in the dorm was great then lunch ends and I have free time so me and Ashley just end up laying down on the grass in the field talking about a lot of things I love her and she loves me