4 Chapter 4 - Feelings

"What?" She asks "yeah I know I've only known you for 1 day but I just have feelings for you" I say "I didn't know you were into girls" she says I say "yeah I never told anyone because I was scared they'd not accept me but I just couldn't keep my feelings for you bottled away my feelings came when we hung out last night walking around then when you came to my dorm when I woke up I realized you look sad and I wanted to comfort you" I say Ashley Says "yeah thanks for telling me as you could probably tell I don't have many friends at all in this school so I'm glad I have you and...I also like girls" "oh shit really" I say suprised and happy Ashley says "I know we just met yesterday and this is the fastest I've ever jumped into a relationship I just wanna say all of my other relationships were fucking train wrecks if we do go out I hope we can stay together for longer then a week haha" I say "I will make sure it will Ashley" then Ashley says "alright I believe you...so it's official we are dating" "YAY" I say super excited "fuck I don't wanna go to class in 2 minutes" Ashley says "don't worry today's Friday and we got the weekend off to do whatever the fuck we want" I say "true today will probably drag" the 2 minutes go by then the bell rings we hug each other than we go to class I sit down then time goes by and the bell rings then the day goes by pretty fast it's 3:00 pm and me and Ashley catch up with each other and she asks "hey babe do you have any after school extracurriculars?" I say "no I mainly just do homework" she says "fair enough I'm the same I just wanted to ask to make sure now I'll ask do you wanna sit with me while we both do homework?" "Yeah babe we can do that" I say happily so we go to the girls dorm and we sit in my room helping each other with homework man I did not think I'd have a girlfriend in this school at all especially within the first couple days I'm already close to her I never expected it but I'm glad it happened this way

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