3 Chapter 3 - Worried

(The Next Day)

I wake up at 6:30 AM Man last night was fun Ashley is a nice person I'm glad to be her friend *knock knock knock* "WHO IS IT" I say loudly "it's me Ashley" "oh shit okay give me a second let me get dressed" then I get dressed and I let her in "how was your sleep" she says "it was fine how about for you?" "I barely slept all though it's like that for most nights" then she lets how a sigh "what's wrong" I say worried "it's nothing I'm fine don't worry about me" I stay quite but I am still worrying about her and every time I've seen her she's had her arms fully covered i really hope she's not doing what I think she's doing but I don't wanna anger her so I let those thoughts go for right now she asks "do you wanna go walk around outside before breakfast?" I say "sure" then we go and walk outside damn I know that I just met her not to long ago but I'm already so attached she makes me happy she's so nice she's beautiful wait...I think I have a crush on her wait that can't be right I've only known her for 1 day does feelings really come that fast? Do I really have a crush on someone I just met yesterday? Worst of all do I tell her? if I do would she freak out? Ahhh so much questions I mean it'll probably slip out eventually I'll probably accidentally be flirty and make dirty comments but I don't want it to freak her out where she stops talking to me or something or becomes awkward when we talk I care about her and I think I have feelings for her then I look to her and realize it's been awkwardly quite the entire time we've been walking I start thinking shit shit shit Chloe think of something to talk about NOW then we finally a conversation but it was just "nice day isn't it?" I'm thinking fuck Chloe why every time you have feelings for someone you become super awkward especially the fact that she feels sad fuck it I move closer and wrap my arm around her and hug her as a nod saying I know you feel sad and I'm here for you if you need it and she knew that's why I did it and she hugged me back and started crying I knew something was wrong "Ashley what's wrong?" I ask very worried "I I'm sorry I just feel lonely like no one cares about me like would anyone care if I went missing or if I killed myself?" Just hearing that broke my heart into millions of pieces tears start to go down my cheeks I look at her "look whatever you're going through just know I'm always gonna be here for you need a shoulder to cry on I'm here I know we just met a day ago but I can already feel myself getting very close to you and there's another thing" "thank you so much but what's the other thing?" She asks I say "I...i...I think I have feelings for you"

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