2 Chapter 2 - My Friend And I

So me and Ashley enter the main part of the school and she shows me around and then we go back to the dorm "thanks for the tour" I say "anytime let's be friends" she says I say "sure" but I'm still not sure because it's been hard to trust people since people are so judgmental and I've been backstabbed plenty of times 1 minute goes by and the bell rings I look at my schedule and I have Chemistry I say to myself "okay might as well go to my first class of this year" Ashley walks up to me saying "what class do you have first?" "Chemistry" "oh shit me too let's go" she says "alrighty then" I say then we go to class and enter and people look at me weird it could be because I'm new but my anxiety is starting to kick in Ashley senses it and whispers "calm down they're looking at you because you're new I'm sure you'll become friends with at least some of them" "thanks let's sit down" I say so we sit beside each other at the very back so my teacher Mr Jackson introduces me then we begin the lesson then an hour and a half goes by and there's a 10 minute break before next class so me and Ashley decide to walk around and talking asking each other rather simple questions like what's your favourite food and stuff like that then 10 minutes go by and the bell rings I say "holy shit that was the fastest 10 minutes ever" she says "yeah it was what's your next class Chloe?" "Math" I say "she says cool wanna hang out at lunch? We can go into town" I say "hell yeah id be down to do that" she says "okay until next time" then we part ways and go to class I get to class and sit down this is the first class I don't have any friends in so I feel super lonely class fucking drags but it finally ends and now it's lunch and I go to find Ashley but I can't find her and I wonder where she is so I go outside and I look around then I hear a voice behind me "CHLOE OVER HERE" I turn around and say "hi Ashley" "so we still going in to town? She says eagerly "definitely let's go" I say "where are we going though?" "Well I'm kinda hungry sooo how about A&W?" Ashley Says "YES I haven't been there for a while" I say excitedly "alright lets go" Ashley says so we started walking down the street headed to A&W Ashley looks over to me "so tell me about your past school" I say "well it was not fun at all I was depressed I thought about suicide I really didn't want to live then I got transferred here so far I like it here a lot more" Ashley says "I'm so sorry for all of the pain you've been through if you ever need anything I'm your girl" "thanks" I say happily then we make it to A&W and order and sit down at a table then we quickly eat up then Ashley pays then we have to get back before next class so we walk pretty fast and we make it just in time for the next 2 classes which they go pretty fast now it's free time and I don't have any extracurriculars yet so I guess I'll sit down and do some homework then the 2 hours go by kinda fast then I go to the cafeteria since it's Dinner so I enter and see Ashley sitting down by herself so I get my food and sit beside her "Hey Ashley" I say excitedly "oh hey" she says mmmm she seems kinda sad and quite after we eat it'll be free time so I'll see if she wants to hang out for a bit so we eat up and the bell rings "hey Ashley wanna maybe come to my room in our dorm so we can talk or maybe just walk around and talk? It's up to you" "I would love to walk and talk with you" Ashley Says then we start walking and talking about a lot of things and it looks like I'm making her happy I don't think she has much friends and I can relate to that looks like me and her will become best friends I just met her today and I already feel close to her I did not expect that but she seems like such a nice person I'm glad to be her friend

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