1 Chapter 1 - The Beginning

I'm so confused why is the world against me? everyone backstabs me my parents are fucking assholes when they're drunk which is most of the time and now I have to get ready to go a fucking boarding school because my parents thought it was a great idea to move and put me in one and I hate meeting new people I have such trust issues I've been hated by almost everyone most of my life and backstabbed "Chloe?" my dad says "huh what?" I say "did you hear anything I said?" "No I didn't" "well fucking listen then" says my dad" "sorry I'm just worried about going to a boarding school where I legit have to sleep at" I say my dad says "I understand but maybe you just need the change" "maybe" I say my dad grips my shoulders "look I have no doubt you'll make new friends maybe even a boyfriend *wink*" man how do I tell him that I'm interested in girls not guys I don't know if my parents would accept me I'll have to tell them eventually but I just don't know how to then I say "yeah yeah" looks like I have to get ready to go to my boarding school man even though my parents can be such assholes I'd rather sleep in my own bed at my own house not at a school for like the entire year but maybe I'll like it I gotta have hope but I still doubt it but we'll see who knows maybe the people are nicer and realer then my last school so I pack up all of the things I need and I get into my dads car and we drive to my new school that I'll be staying at for practically the whole year "we should talk to your principle before we leave" says my mom "yeah I guess let's go" I say so we go to the principle "ahh you must be Chloe" he says "yes" I say "I'm principle williams nice to meet you" he says politely "likewise" I say "anyways bye Chloe hope you have a good time" "yeah bye mom and dad love y'all" I say so this is gonna be where I stay until the end of the year? The place so far doesn't look bad and the principle is nice I hope everyone else is "I'll show you where the dorms are so you can go to the girls dorm and introduce yourself" Principle Williams Says I say "okay" so he shows me where the dorms are and he says "your room number is 215" I say "alright" and I make my way to the girls dorm I say to myself "well here goes nothing" I walk in and I immediately go to my room and get settle in someone walks in "you must be Chloe I'm Ashley Nice to meet you" she says "nice to meet you" I say then we shake hands then Ashley says "I'll show you around before class starts come with me" I say "lead the way" then I walk past someone which I'm assuming she's the popular girl because everyone's around her and I see her whispering to some of her friends "that's the new kid look at her she dresses like shit and she's ugly as fuck just look at her" before I can say something Ashley says "don't worry about her she's the bitch of the whole school her name is Vicky" I say "yeah I can tell she's the bitch of the school" "yeah anyways let's get to the main part of the school" Ashley says i say "alright lets go"

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