1 Prologue

In a old abandoned Courtyard on a small bed laid a beautiful women. She had long silky obsidian like hair reaching all the way down to her waist, as they were neatly tied to the left side of her face laying on her bosoms. She had sharp sword like eyebrows and long eyelashes with a sharp but strong jaw line. A small nose with a pouty pink lips that further enchanted her beauty. With pale white skin that looked like they never saw the sun in years and with a bewitching face that can even topple empires.

She was wearing plain golden armor from bottom up only showing her neck and her face. If you were to look closely you can see dry blood staining this golden armor, but what people don't know is that this plain looking armor is enchanted to the max with ancient talisman that protects the wearer form any danger that is one grade above its master.

The courtyard itself is very old with a few overgrown grass laying around and an old blossom tree sitting in the very middle of it as the branches were out stretched to the sky, with a few daisies laying around.

In a small room where everything was neatly cleaned and tidy. The bed was situated in the middle of the room facing the door way as the dresser was on the left with the drawer on the right side of the bed.

On the small bed the beautiful women who looked like she was in a coma started to move her fingers and body as her eyes started to flutter open. A been of light passed through the curtains as it shined upon her exquisite face like a miracle just happens.

She made a few grunts here and their with her fingers rolling back and forth as if trying to grab something important to her.

With a yelp she sat up straight, staring into space blankly. After a few minutes she started to gather back her focus.

Her eyes were as deep as the blue sea, covering most of her iris. Who ever were to look into those enchanting eyes can see the ever lasting abyss that will pull you in with just a tug as it will suck and obliterate your soul never to enter reincarnation again.

Rubbing her eyes she had a look Of confusion as she takes in her surroundings. After looking around the room, she started to look at herself as she moved her small hands all over her body to see if their is anything different about her.

She started to feel her long silky obsidian like hair as it shined in the morning sun. Her dainty hands smoothly flowed through her silky hair as she felt around it. A look of bewilderment appeared on her face as her hair was never this long before. She started to feel her face even thought she was confused about the long hair that was swinging around on the left side of her face when she made a few movements with her body as she continued checking herself. Her face was smooth like jade not like her face before as it was rough like dry grass

She felt around the odd looking armor as she never saw such a thing in her life. Well.... past life to be exact.

Her chest piece was oddly shaped and it felt like bosoms and the weirdest thing she noticed after she woke up was the heaviness on her chest, she put the thought at the back of her head as she thought it was because of this heavy chest piece. Her whole body was covered in armor except her neck and head of course.

Her hands were gently placed on her chest as she got a weird feeling in her heart. Her breathing started to quicken as her cold looking face started to flush up. But that feeling went away as quickly as it appeared.

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A weird thought started to surfaced but she shook it away. It started to surface again and her face started to flush as she thought of the possibility of it being gone.

Her dainty hands reached below as she started to feel around as she was trying to see if is is still their. When her hands reached the place where her genitals were the only thing she could feel was the cloth and chain mail as a look of shook appeared on her face. Her two deep blue eyes started to widen as her pouty lips opens wide with surprise.

She almost shrieked if it weren't for her two small hands covering her mouth. Again she started to feel around where her genitals are. With another feel around her nether regions, she confirmed that it is indeed gone.

A look of almost non exemptions almost appeared on her face but it didn't as she thought about the weird acurance that happened form when she woke up to now.

She put the two together and an utter look of defeat appeared on her face. With a look of exceptence in her eyes after pondering over it for a few minutes, as she started to remember what had happened to her.

"Sigh" A sigh escaped her lips as she started to feel sadness overwhelming her, when she thought about her pass, well 'his' pass to be exact. Her eyes started to water up as two crystallized tear drop fell from her eyes as it slowly made its way to her jawline.

She used her dainty hands, wiping the two tear drop off her face. when she herd a noise coming from outside the room.

Her dark deep blue abyssal eyes darted across the room looking at the 2 meter tall door in front of her.

She could feel two life forms standing near the 2 meter tall door just outside as it looked like they were guarding the room. One of them looked to be male while the other looked like they were female depending on their body structures, i might be wrong.

She slowly made her way two the giant doors as she could here cracking sounds coming from her body. She sat down immediately as she was afraid of her body breaking and tearing apart even though she felt no pain.

"Thump" with a small bang she was on the floor as she crossed her legs, with two leges crossed and with both her hands on her knees she kept on looking at the doors with a glare hoping nobody herd the sound and pinpoint the location.

She herd a few noises outside and started to panic hoping and praying to god that they didn't hear that noise that she just made.

God was definitely not on her side on this one, as she herd the 2 meter tall door open slight just to see a figure clad in armor appeared before her with a sword on his waist.

The minute the person clad in armor saw her he immediately knelt down to give her a greeting in a foreign language that she some how managed to understand.

" Greetings to the empress." Replied the man clad in armor as he was in a kneeling position. Seeing as the empress hasn't answered he started to become worried. The men in armor was still looking down not daring to look at the empresses exquisite face.

"Your highness is their any problems??" Asked the man in armor in a worry tone.

The person who was called your highness was still sitting their in a daze as she couldn't comprehend what was going on. Unconsciously she replied without thinking

"I'm fine." In a cold but melodi's tone. With her cold eyes she stared at the men kneeling not to far away from her.

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