1 Starting Once Again


Feeling a tugging sensation on his body, A teen looking to be 16 years old felt he was being dragged into the darkness surrounding him. Unable to keep up with the rate of which he felt he was moving at, He closed his eyes and waited.

Only noticing his surroundings change as his feet touched solid ground, the kid opened his eyes and sees that he was brought into what seemed like a castle throne room. Contrary to the bright and royal style most would expect for a throne room, this throne room was destroyed, void of life, and covered in ash and dust from a time long before.

As he turned to look around he noticed more aged destruction he heard a mechanical voice begin speaking into his ears as if he had headphones on. He also saw a giant display appear in front of him as he turned to look back at the half destroyed throne.

[Welcome to Fallen Throne]

[Due to the user logging in before the server launch they are granted access to limited features ]

[Please customize your avatar while awaiting the server launch]

[Time Remaining - 0:29:12]

Sighing, Kameron looked at the new avatar creation display that popped up before his eyes. Playing around with the hair color feature to understand the controls doing more clearly, he chose a simple black hair color with white extending from half of the hair strands to the edge. His hair style he opted for a short dreads kind of look similar to some popular rap artists of the late 2019's to early 2020's. The next option was skin tone which was defaulted to a slightly heavy tan due to the virtual reality equipment scanning his body beforehand.

"So...I don't need to change much else for this" Kameron or better known as Kam by his friends went through the customizations a bit more before finalizing his appearance. Though he looked a bit average with his build his muscles were a bit toned due to his weekly exercise at the gym. Kameron decided to have his height be 5'8, the same as his height outside of the game.

Realizing he took a bit of time going through the customization, he saw that he only had 15 minutes before the server launched. After being prompted by the game multiple times Kam began looking at the next phase of the character creation process, the class selection.

[Please choose a class and starting weapon ]

[Time Remaining - 0:14:36]

With the display changing to a class selection screen, Kameron was given a few class options and sighed after confirming there was indeed a mage class. "There was a large scale magic spell in the promo trailer so the AOE nuke class is now confirmed to be in this game also."

With the other classes being Swordsman, Rogue, Warrior, Fighter, and Bard the choices were somewhat large.

With the Swordsman class following simple single sword with or without shield or the hyper-aggressive dual sword style that most liked to play, it was a fairly balanced class. As a straight forward fighting class with light to medium armor, Alex preferred to play this kind of class. This is also because he was a fan of some anime shows with characters swinging swords and it was the easiest class in terms of playstyle. The stat point distribution for this class is very balanced with an emphasis on the str stat in particular.

The Rogue class is a close to long-range class with stealth-based abilities. As a class dealing with Tracking, Assassination, and Thievery and Archery, this class is useful for instant killing or severely injuring targets. Usually, players use one to two daggers or a bow/crossbow as weapons. With extremely light armor and have a high agility stat these players can be in the shadows and attack from virtually any angle. Most who play this kind of class just want to be op assassins who take bounties to become a known figure throughout whatever game they play.

The Warrior class is your basic tank class with a sword, shield, and extremely heavy armor. Nearly all players throw stat points into their Endurance stat in order to have high hp and defense. They have crowd control (cc) skills, aggro skills, and life-saving skills in order to anchor their team in battle and turn the tide at key points. This class is played for people who want to be the shield of their team, protecting their teammates from danger as best as they can.

The Fighter class is the class that uses their limbs as their weapons while having extremely light armor. They are very balanced stat-wise like the swordsman class but their skills are chained together along with stun skills more for single target crowd control and continuous combos. The longer the skill/combo chain the higher output damage. They are for isolating an enemy and even being an off-tank sometimes depending on their build. Stats are focused on Dex and Agi to quickly chain skills together.

The Mage class is the only class to use a staff. With nearly all stat points into Int, this class is built to use magic at all times. With extremely light armor this class has crowd control, lifesaving, and very useful damage over time (dot) skills as well as high overall damage. As this class is like a glass cannon they are extremely well defended by their teammates.

The bard is a pretty normal class. This class has no damage abilities what so ever but they are more focused on playing music in order to give their teammates buffs and their enemies debuffs. This class similarly to the paladin class puts their stats into endurance but also dex to play more complex songs in order to use more powerful buffs or debuffs. This class can get very crucial when a group of bards perform a combination skill together increasing the buffs or debuffs multiple times.

Lastly, there is the priest class. Like most priest classes this class is primarily focused on healing and dispelling debuffs on teammates. Tactical awareness and pacing is key when playing this class. If players are not pacing their heals they will run out of mana in tough battle and cause a team wipe. (All players in the team die) This class uses int similarly to the mage class since both are basing their play style on spells.

Kam taking a few minutes to look at every class decided on the swordsman class. As he confirmed his choice his screen changed to show a few weapons possible for his starter weapon. Mainly a 1-handed sword or 2-handed long sword.

Though he would normally pick a 1 handed sword and use another later in order to duel wield he felt like seeing what his luck game him after he defeats a few bosses. Maybe it was the influence of his imagination and what he saw in those anime shows but as his hand hovered over the one-handed sword while he took his time thinking.

[ Class and starting weapon selection complete]

Feeling extra weight plop onto his body, Kam felt around his body before feeling a sheathed sword against his leg. Looking down to his left side he slowly pulled the sword hilt with his right hand until it was completely unsheathed while he let his hang in his hand beside his right left. Taking a few swings with his sword he remarked in his mind about how it was slightly troublesome to swing the sword but knowing it was just his beginner stats affecting it he didn't say much else before looking back up at the display which had changed after he selected his class and weapon.

[Players please enter a name]

[Time Remaining - 0:4:02]

As Kam watched a new display appear in front of his body in the form of a digital keyboard he began to sweat lightly as he thought of stories he had read about people picking horrible names for their virtual avatar. Taking a few minutes to think he was puzzled as to what to decide on... "What do I pick... Overlord?... No no no, that's too much... Godly... no that's just stupid too..."

Looking over at the time remaining display that displayed a bit more than a minute left until the server started Kam thought about it and sighed. "Why am I making this so hard? It's just a name..."

Inputting a few characters he smiled to himself and looked over his status window while waiting for the timer to reach 0.

[Welcome To The Game.... Zero]


Name: Zero

Class: Swordsman

Title: None

Level: 1

Exp Required: 0/100

Health(HP): 100


Str: 10

End: 10

Dex: 10

Agi: 10

Int: 10

Combat Skills: None

Non-Combat Skills: None

AN: Mana will work similarly to stamina. If Alex runs out of mana he will collapse. Though this is only when his mana reaches 0.

Also stamina is unlimited stat wise but players will still feel mentally fatigued by running for hours without stopping.

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