1 Prologue

A man tied in a chair look like a broken doll. Blood dripping from his head mix with tears, his clean luxurious suit now turn into a crumpled looking rag. The man is so pitiful with all the wounds he got from a beating his kind of lucky he's still alive, but we don't know if he can still keep up.

The man sitting in the chair who can't move because of being tied up, was none other than the CEO of XX corporation. His name is Li Zhixia his an orphan since age 5, his life all change when a pair of newly wedding couple adopt Lin Zhixia in age of 12.

He's so close to this couple, because for him they are the one who would protect and care for him. He respect and love them as they are now his parent.

At the age 18 he meet his so called 'cousin', he met them during Christmas Eve they had a happy chat, they get along very well. It's all lively that evening everything is perfect.

This so called 'cousin' of his is not what he think a lively person, kind and caring.

This person is a green tea bitch in white lutos disguise, this person wants Li Zhixia gone as he is just an outsider. Yes you reard right an outsider!   This person know's that Li Zhixia is just adopted as Li Zhixia mother and father is infertile.

So suspicious right?

Lin Zhixia trusted this person he treat them as his own siblings.

Thus this person betrayed him, what a scum indeed. At age 20 Li Zhixia knows his the one whose gonna manage his father company. His father surprise him this news in his twentieth birthday, that is also the day thus his parent died in an 'accedent'. He feels his world broke, when he heard the news.

He nearly feel on rushing to the hospital, where his parents admitted. Thus what crumble him more is when he arrived in the hospital without even eyeing that he got no shoes on. Who cares about shoes when someone you loved got in something like this? Of course you all would do the same thing. Is his parents is dead on arrival.

He cried and cried until his eyes were red, the doctor and nurses just watch him with pity as they feel bad for him losing his parents. When he turn back home there head butler and other servants are crying their heart out. As the couple is the one who help them and was very nice to them.The couple was their savior thus they give their loyalty to this family.

Five month after the incident Li Zhixia did not finish his education and drop out to began building the company his parents left. His not dumb, his just naive, his a person who's very confident in life and even if there is a problem. Thus he always get in trouble as his a person who trust other easily.

A year has past and Li Zhixia is now 21 everything is normal the company expand more and his business partners is thankful, that his not some lazy spoiled brat that just want to waste money without working for it. Everything is great until now-


"Oh look at Mr.CEO of the year, you look so beat up their bud."


"What a pain, who would have thought you became a mute just a few days of torture...hmm."

A man dress in suit, wearing gloves said as he hold Li Zhixia chin to force him to face the man.

" It's easy if you just gonna cooperate with us properly...maybe you can save your life..haha."


"Aww look at that pathetic face, what a weakling can't even handle a simple kick."

The man said as he start to kick this time hard Li Zhixia already bruise body again and again. Li Zhixia cough a blood, he seem to remember now this person is his-


Another very familiar man wearing a black t-shirt and white pants barge in the room where Li Zhixia held in, clearly the man seem did not know what fashion is but he (LZ) didn't think deep and keep aside that matter, the man after seeing Li Zhiaxia frown.

"Ge why didn't you kill that bastard his useless now...unless you want to sell him in a club!...such delicate face and smooth skin clearly aunt and uncle raise him good."

"...Yeah you got a point, but its much fun watching him suffer in our own hands..did you get the things I told you done."

"It's finished brother.. will you can say that all the filfthy obstacles is gone now."

"Good...good now that we success how do you feel now Xia'er ...hmm."

The man dress in suit said as he look to the direction Li Zhixia at.


"My, my, brother it's seems he still very tough tsk,tsk,tsk."

"Since its getting bored now why not just kill him we got what we need as I say his useless now. Beside seeing him give me headache."

As the other man spoke this, Li Zhixia closed his eyes and cast a cold smile at the two it give them shill in there spine.

"...Will my dear cousin any last word before you die."

" Come on! Don't be shy we know each other for four years now Xia'er."

Li Zhixia didn't really care if he died. He felt his emotion build up guilty and angry is the only thing that flash in his eyes that moment. Guilty because he can't fulfill his father wish, his really disappointed with himself.

Angry cause he easily trust people that show their kindness to him, he felt betrayed by this people. If there is another life he promise himself that he won't make the same mistake again.

"Hurry up now...we didn't have all day just kill him already"

"Yes!..yes brother don't worry were gonna end up to that one, before we hear his last word. Isn't it wonderful?"


"Now what Xia'er speak"


"Oh how annoying, just say a word or two we give you a chance to say something."

The other man said as he look at Li Zhixia impatiently. Li Zhixia look up and happen to meet the other eyes, budum! budum! budum! and....cut! cut!---

This is not the time for the cliche romance. This is the scene were the latter is in a matter of life and death!

"Heeh...*cough* you guys will meet karma someday and I mean it. Because karma's a b**** and you two are a j**k"

"You still got a time to insult as huh...you got big confidence there Mr.CEO... hahaha"


Shot of gun were heard in the whole room where Li Zhixa being held in. You can see the latter body full of horrific blood, but what they didn't see is the small smile that creep in the face of the death body. Who would have thought Li Zhixia would die so young. That moment were he took his last breath is the devilish face of his cousin that sure would hunt him down in his nightmare.

He did not even expect his life to turn out to be like this, a whole tragic story.

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