Emperor Yan's Wifey [BL] Book

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Emperor Yan's Wifey [BL]


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Lî Zhìxiá died in the hands of his so called "cousin", feeling disappointed of himself for being naive and easy to trust people. He hope that he realize the world color, but it's already to late for that. The moment he die, he promise to himself. That if there is another life he will never made the same mistake again. Thus he get reincarnated as a child in an ancient era. Leaving a luxurious life is amazing ba! No work and just study, eat, and sleep. But its also not fair, life is not fair. Lî Zhìxiā is born a ger! And there is a person who doesn't stop pestering him and asking his hand. So vulgar and shameless! I'm not a woman don't treat me like one! ••• Before Li Zhixia:"What are you looking at, do you wan't to be blind!" ???:" I don't mind if it's you my wife" Servant: "...." Shameless! I don't know his highness can be this shameless! (⌒_⌒;) ••• After Li Zhixia: Husband you should rest a bit from working and do some exercises as its good for your health.(∩_∩) ???: My wife is so sweet for worrying about his husband health*kiss Li Zhixia's face* Everyone: "...." So much dog food! I think we don't need this much dish we're full now. General: "...." Respect for a single dog like me! Don't give me too much dog food ba!(╥_╥) A tsundere, sly and two-faced shou x cold, ruthless and expressionless gong.


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