7 Chapter 7 - Blake vs Alexandra Part 2

(AN: This is my first time writing a sports scene instead of an action scene 🙂 I hope you all can bear with it. Also, I uploaded this chapter to tell you that I will focus on my other book first before this. I hope you will give your vote to Perfect Incubus System. Thank you and stay safe guys 🙂)

"Are you okay Blake? You were in a trance right now..." Alexandra asked in concern.

"I'm fine, Aunt Alexandra... So? can we start?" Blake made a charming smile, making the girls that were watching instantly grab their phones and snapped every opportunity they can capture his smile.

Alexandra smirked because of how the girls were acting, then, both of them decided to do heads or tails.

No one acted like a referee, Alexandra just wanted to have fun with Blake and find out whether he really has a potential or not. Alexandra chose heads while Blake chose tails.

Doing a coin toss, the coin dropped on the ground and showed that it's 'heads', certainly Alexandra's ball position.

"Are you ready Blake? Show me what you got!"

Holding the ball, Alexandra is standing at the three-point line while Blake faced her and bent his knees a little, while his right hand raised.

Alexandra bent her body slightly forward while her elbows raised backward, a stance that is ready to dive instantly at the basket.

Both of them only gazed at each other's eyes, until one moment...


Alexandra launched her right foot, passing Blake's figure in just a second.

Realizing that he wasn't following until the free throw line, Alexandra felt a bit disappointed and decided to score but what happened next made her eyes wide open.

She was about to do a layup but Blake suddenly appeared in front of her, with his arms in a defensive posture and a gaze showing the sheer focus of an experienced player.

'What the!' Alexandra panicked for a moment and took an extra step, resulting in traveling violation. She was surprised and speechless. She used his maximum speed and still manage to catch her in a flash.

The onlooker has their mouth opened in surprise to what happened, it's like they are watching players playing speed against speed.

Because he was still very focused, Alexandra smacks his head, making Blake rub his head and made a pout "Why did you do that?"

"Because it's your ball position, dumbhead." Alexandra smiled slightly while giving him the ball.

Not minding the 'Kyaaa!' shouts from the girls, they continued to play.

- - - - -

Switching ball position, Blake dribbled the ball slowly using his left hand while walking at the three-point line. Alexandra followed him while her gaze remains at his eyes.

'Thud' 'Thud'

Bouncing the ball from his left hand across his right, Blake dashed, making Alexandra back away because of the pressure she felt.

'A monster... My nephew is a monster.' Those were the only words she thought of while gazing at his eyes as if it was lifeless and an aura that doesn't accept or even know, the word defeat.

- - - - -

Alexandra backed away two steps while Blake straightened his back and looked at Alexandra's panicked face

"Don't relax until you have scored, Blake!" Alexandra warned while her righthand launched towards the ball but...

Inhaling once, Blake bounced the ball from his left hand to his right behind his back, which made Alexandra only snatch the air instead of her target.

- - - - -

Losing her balance, Alexandra misstepped and was about to fall down flat with her face first but Blake moved swiftly and manage to grab her arm with his other hand.

Turning her head to face him, Alexandra made a smirk and said "You could have the opportunity to score and can go out every time? You know?"

Smiling back at her, Blake responded "Well, I don't want your pretty face to have scars... aunt Alexandra." Even though it was a cheesy line, his voice and face really showed how concern he is, making the twenty-two-year-old woman redden slightly. Luckily, no one noticed.

But before Blake help her stand up, he released the ball from his hand without looking at the ring, making Alexandra stunned while the crowd that was watching, went dead silent.

Not because he shot the ball without looking, but the ball entered the ring without even touching the net!

"L-Lucky shot? Right?" Momoi suddenly muttered from the crowd while the boy Dai-chan showed a smile on his face with eyes blazing for a chance to play with him.

- - - - -

"Blake, can you repeat what you did?" Alexandra asked while still looking at the ring.

Blake tilted his head and went to get the ball back. Then, she walked back and stood up beside Alexandra at the three-point line and made a normal jump shot "Like this?"


The ball entered the ring again without touching the net, this made Alexandra sure about it and nod her head once.

Alexandra got the ball again while gesturing at Blake to continue shooting the ball and the result was 20/20 at the three-point line without the ball touching the net.

The crowd started to become bigger while some started to capture a video at everything that Blake is doing.

Alexandra's heart started to beat fast because of how she is proud of his nephew right now. She didn't mind people taking videos at him because she is delighted at what both of them are doing.

"Can you shoot it one more time? But with your eyes closed." Requested Alexandra.

Nodding his head, Blake walked further away from the three-point line but not too far from it and closed his eyes, aiming his hand towards the ring and did a basic jump shot.

And as Alexandra expected, Blake got the shot, ringless...