6 Chapter 6 - Blake vs Alexandra?

Both Blake and Alexandra didn't eat dinner while and only cuddled till morning. Alexandra woke up first and planted a kiss on Blake's forehead before leaving his room with a sigh and went to her own bathroom.

"Damn, this other me! Why are you so strong?"

Meanwhile, Blake wasn't sleeping, and instead, he was training his martial arts skill and being beaten by himself.

What he noticed is, the more he gets stronger and better at martial arts or basketball, the difficult his opponents will be.

The clone kicked Blake's waist, hurling him a few meters. Blake crossed his arms, covering his chest and face that made him managed to block one of the clones doing a flying kick.

"Haha, In your face me--"

With that, Blake got kicked in the face and got knocked out. Logging him out from the [Training Dimension].

"Why did I get carried away, he kicked me in the face the moment I said those words... It was funny though."

Blake chuckled and got off from the bed. He then went to his bathroom and prepare for the morning exercises.

- - - - - -

"Good morning Blake. I heard your conversation with Momoi yesterday... I will agree to it but in one condition."

Alexandra suddenly chatted while both of them are eating breakfast consisting of Bacon and Eggs. Hearing her words, Blake smiled in joy and asked. "What condition aunt Alexandra?"

"Score at least once against me." She told while trying to see Blake's reaction.

Instead of being disgruntled by an impossible challenge, what she received is a very charming smile from him and answered "Yes! But If I score more, you have to train and play with me!"

This is what Blake wanted to get the system points, challenging her aunt and defeating her. Alexandra didn't know that he has been 'practicing' secretly that is why she is very surprised to how confident Blake is.

"Okay... Were leaving twenty minutes from now. I hope you don't have any anxiety when people are watching. There are a lot of people there."

Blake showed a slight change in his face but continue to nod and immediately devoured his food and prepare everything he needs.

- - - - -

Alexandra and Blake immediately went to the basketball court just by a few meters away from their house. It's weekend so most students probably don't have class and gathered at the court.

They have gathered so much attention just by walking on the street, both girls and guys look at them.

Some people knew Alexandra but the person with her? Well, it's not Blake's fault because it's the first time he walked with Alexandra in these parts of the street and surely his appearance surpassed some idols already.

A tall young man that looks soft and delicate, but because he is wearing a jersey. It showed that he is muscularly lean. He has sea green-blue eyes, light skin, and dark blond hair extending slightly past his shoulders, being tied into a side ponytail by Alexandra. His bangs are parted in half and some strands are longer and wavier than the normal cut.

Just a few walks and they finally arrived at an open court, people were already playing but the moment they saw Alexandra, they stopped and called her name.

"It's Alexandra Garcia! She is back guys!"

"Who is that young man with you?"

For a moment, Blake got a little bit startled as his possessiveness when it comes to Alexandra alarmed him. Because most were men trying to approach them and Alexandra noticed his changed and smiled. She was happy that Blake is very protective when it comes to her.

"Alexandra? Is he what you said? Your nephew?" A man about 167cm tall with a fine built said as he looked at Blake.

"Yes, and his still twelve. Amazing right?" Alexandra puffed her chest while introducing blame proudly.

When Alexandra says those words, all of them said "Eh???" because they thought Blake is already 18 or something.

Patting his head, Alexandra spoke "I always come here if I'm not at the house to gamble. Though they still haven't won against me." She said with a confident smile, making Blake at ease.

Then, she looked at them and said "Can we borrow the court for a while?"

"Of course! You are the nicknamed 'Empress of the court'. We will obey you!" The men electrically made a bow, making Alexandra smirk.

Immediately, they nodded because they want to see the former champion of UCLA and her nephew's potential.

- - - - -

"Hey Dai-chan! People are gathering at the court! Let's hurry!" Said Momoi as she excitedly runs towards the court, eager to find out what is happening.

A young man with brown skin followed. He has navy blue hair that is quite short. His hair is parted on his right side. He often has a frown on his face, with his dark blue eyes slightly squinted. Aomine is very tall and muscular.

Looking at Momoi running, he sighed and shortly followed and also feeling interested in it because it's only a few events that the court is crowded like this.

- - - - -

"We don't have a ring at our home so try to familiarize first, here, catch the ball." Alexandra passed the ball swiftly and Blake caught it effortlessly, making Alexandra curious.

She didn't expect Blake catching the ball as if it was nothing because the way Alexandra does the pass is, what she always does to her regular teammates and that pass will make someone at least flinch. Nephew or not, she is strict, and serious when it comes to basketball.

'Is he training with someone secretly if I'm not at home?' she thought and slightly frown.

Holding the ball, Blake familiarized it because it's different than the balls he has back at the [Training Dimension].

[To be continued]

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