1 The Multi-Cosmos Online

I don't remember what had led me to this path. All I know is that "I had yearned for fantasy battles, be power in the shadows, being a king or an emperor of an empire."

Was it because of anime?Manga?Novels? Or movies? It doesn't matter.

As long as it was power, anyone can call me anything, it didn't matter what it was, I loved it.

Full of battles and excitements, things that were not found in the peaceful world, They never knew and will never know that fighting for your life was exciting, to live or to die?, it never really mattered, as long as I can fight, any other thoughts were thrown away, an enemy in front of me? it will be an honor to fight till death, but even with my thirst for battle, it can't happen.

Today's world was so peaceful, I was only a normal college student, I loved fighting but can't use it on anything when I was a kid, heroes was everyone else idol, he saved people help people, protect people every child liked them, but unlike those children who adored heroes, mine was not short-lived passion, it was something much deeper, something that burned from the depths of my heart, and it continuously propelled me forward, when I was young I did many things.

Karate, Boxing, Kendo, Mixed Martial Arts, And more. To find the thrill I was looking for, I threw myself into learning everything I would need, all while hiding my strength. For the sake of the day when I would get to reveal myself.

I can't use what I have learned in this peaceful world. Looking at my appearance, I was harmless to man and beast, but for those who had tasted me, they shiver in fear whenever they saw me, but even with looking like that I trained myself every day with a grueling training.

I trained and trained while pretending to be a nobody, but reality smacked me, as I grew older it all became meaningless, The World was truly peaceful, I know that I can become a professional fighter or anything, but those didn't give me enough thrill, I focused on studying and earning money till I became a college student.

It was already Year 3010, today was March 24, his name is Acewill I am already 21 years old, he had a blond hair and his eyes were color green his build was on the average right now, he was resting on the couch watching on my 3D Hologram TV, Not many things have changed but those things changed the world, My Family was not rich nor poor, because the word poverty was non-existent on this era.

While I was watching TV an advertisement showed"Multi-Cosmos Online" Big words showed as the advertisement continued and showed its features.

"Multi-Cosmos Online is a vast universe, alive with the unrelenting activities with combined History of different era's and fantasy stories, pursuing lives of adventure, welfare, battles, let us share its existence in the biggest single shard, VRMMO of all time with 97% realism beating all other virtual games out there."

They showed different worlds, stars, the universe, and many more, it was like all in one Mark watched it with an elated expression on his face.

"Set with different eras and stories, Multi-Cosmos takes place in a distant cluster, over 7000 different worlds known as New Cosmos, it was a mysterious universe featuring densely populated worlds with many different species haven or relative safely, governed by 7 Supreme God's."

"From Sword and Magic to Sci-fi, everything was here, From anomalous situations where monsters lurk in the world and dungeons sudden appearance in every place. Explored worlds to unexplored worlds that hold their secrets"

"You play as the eternal, a revered breed which can choose their race, having immortality through the use of cloning technology, As you grow stronger, You will be able to explore many different worlds and unveil its secrets. Visit our website for more info's" the advertisement ended and a new one appeared(A/N: I don't know how to advertise sorry)

"That is what I was looking for" Acewill exclaimed in excitement, he then stood up and went to his computer which was the newest release this year, he then immediately went to the Multi-cosmos website.

The first thing Acewill noticed was that the sales had already reached a hundred million, and what was shocking was that the game was not released yet, It will be released in December, Acewill read the other information about the game like there were many races but most of them must be unlocked and then something that caught his eye, It was different classes but there was no fixed class, A swordsman that uses magic is called magic swordsman and there was also a swordsman that plays like assassin which was called executioner, there are many to choose from.

After a while of searching, Acewill ordered its gaming capsule which was needed to play the game and will be arriving next week, he then stretched his body, then he remembered "Didn't the game say that real-life techniques can be executed in-game" He pondered for a while then grinned.

He changed his clothes to tracksuit and went outside, he must make his body fit again, even though it was only a game, his dreams came back to him, Multi-Cosmos Online was not a simple game, it was a heaven for the people like him who loved fighting.

Kingdom Building, War tactics, Martial Arts, and many more, When Acewill was young he learned them all, expecting for something and now it came, "Multi-Cosmos Online" Everything Acewill was looking for was here.(A/N: Anything is fine right?)

His eyes gleamed and then he started doing his grueling training, he has 9 months to do his training.

Acewill spent his day's training and looking for more information about the game, he was like a gaming addict with physical training, He also noticed something like Gaming Workshops, Guilds, Associations, Then Acewill decided to build his Gaming Workshop and a Guild.

But that's when he knew more about the game, and just like that 9 months has passed, Acewill's body was so buff with 6 pack abs and his features was enhanced looking like a model, The Multi-Cosmos Online will be available to play tonight, Acewill was sitting in his bed cross-legged and was meditating his eyes closed, his breathing was in control, he puffs white mist every time he exhales.

After a while Acewill opened his eyes, he felt his body was light and his control over his body has again reached its peak, "I reached perfect control body when I was young and it got better this time" Acewill exclaimed he then looked at the time it was already 5:40 PM, Multi-Cosmos Online will be released at 6:00.

Acewill took a shower and ate his food, after that he went to his capsule, Acewill walked towards it and stroked its sleek surface. the external was simple. there wasn't anything else except a small chamber for nutritional liquids and food that entered a tube that would keep the person healthy without feeling hungry while inside. Other than that there was also a screen with a shape that outlined a palm displayed on it.

Acewill extended his and put his palm on the screen

A second later--


The screen suddenly brightened as the surface of the capsule started to slowly separate, revealing a small room that seemed to exactly fit Acewill's body, Acewill took a deep breath before laying inside.


A second later, the parted surface started closing it was dark then a visor suddenly dropped down from above and covered his eyes, two rays of light beamed out from the visor as it shot at Acewill's eyes.

And then--


[Optical Analysis complete]

[Identity confirmed]

A gas similar to dry ice suddenly sprayed all over his face, forcing him to close his eyes.

[Loading complete]

[Welcome to Multi-Cosmos Online]

"3, 2, 1...."

Acewill was still surprised by the systematic voice, as the monochrome voice echoed on his ears, eh suddenly felt muddleheaded as a faint headache rushed in his head.

Opening his eyes, what welcomed Acewill was a galaxy that was so beautiful multiple stars can be seen, 'Whoa' Taken aback at the sudden change of environment, Acewill suddenly saw his view diving upwards as if shifting of a camera view, at that moment, the systematic voice returned once again, seemingly narrating the game's background lore.

[Worlds, Stars, Galaxies; things that can be seen but cannot be touched. Consisting of 7000 different worlds but in one universe, different races from aliens to humans all live, Swords, Magic, Robots, Spaceship, Cultivators, All were here.]

[Over those 7000 of those worlds only 7 was explored, Countless races reside in this haven]

The view once more changed Acewill overlooked, numerous cities and kingdoms from above, as if he was a god up on the heavens, overseeing those worlds.

The cities had countless populations of different races living with each other such as the savage orcs, noble elves, little dwarves and so on.


It was a sight to behold.

Acewill enjoyed the views that was displayed, Then the systematic voice returned.

[Just like this, tens of thousands of years passed and the world lived in harmony and peace.]

[But everything changed when the Vicious Demons tried to invade]

The world turned into chaos and the War begun.

For these demons, after innumerable years in hell, the time to hunt finally present itself. And the other races were their prey!, Seeing all those races getting slaughtered and devoured in front of his eyes, although Mark knew they were not real beings, he was amazed on how they looked real.

[As one final stand, all races bonded together and formed an alliance to retaliate! Guardians, knights, Swordsmen, Assassins, Magicians, Priests, Paladins; all kinds of experts from a diverse range of races and professions emerged.]

From previously unknow vagabonds to famous figures, One after another, the Alliaince fought back and warred against the seemingly unstoppable demons.

Many years has passed and the war still countinued until today

The surrounding colors started vanishing one by one until finally, only a white blank space remained.

Acewill started looking aroung right after his body started to materialized out of thin air.

The system which he had been used to hearing by now, spoke once again.

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"Character Customization, The player can change his appearance up to 15%"

Acewill changed his character's hair color to black and his eyes to the color red and changed his facial features to be more handsome after he finished his character looked like a badass, he clicked O.K and the panel was changed into "Character Name".

Acewill pondered, his character name would be known so he has to choose carefully and thought of the word Shadow, Acewill said "Shadow" to the panel.

[Character Name Shadow has been registered,]

[Please remember that changing yoour name in-game is imposible unless you delete your accaount and restart from the bottom.]

[Do you confirm the name Shadow?]

"Yes" Acewill smiled as he replied.

[The name Shadow has been confirmed.]

[You will now be teleported, Good Luck Player.]

Acewill turned into particles slowly and was teleported, he was teleported to a small village with a blacksmith house, tailoring house, and apothecary house, there was also a big building.

"Congratulations Player you have been the 100th player to log in and got your Own Village, Welcome to your own village, Please put your village name" the system sounded.

"Own Village!" Acewill exclaimed in shock and he was also the 100th player to log in if others knew this they will die on envy, Acewill then again pondered what to name the village, with this village he will have no trouble to build his own guild, the village name was also important but his naming sense was bad as f***.

Then a word was on his thought but it won't come out, he closed his eyes and focused and then the word Feyre came out, His eye's flashed and immediately said "Feyre".

"The Village Feyre has been registered, You can look for more information about the village inside the village hall". the system sounded.

Acewill then started stretching trying to familiarize his body in game, Acewill the called out [Character Window] a panel appeared in front of him.

Name: Shadow

Level: 0

Class: None

LifeStyle Job: None

Health: 15/15 Mana: 5/5

Strength: 1

Vitality: 1

Agility: 1

Intelligence: 1

Fortitude: 1

Stat points: 10

Cultivation Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: None

Weapon: None

Equipment: Coarse Cloth Clothes, Cloth shoes, Coarse Cloth Pants

"It seems that to make it fair, everyone will start with the same amount of stats" Acewill surmised

he then started pondering again where to put his stats

[Strength correlates to your attack power and ability to carry weight.]

[Vitality to your health, regenaration, and defense.]

[Agility to your attack speed, movement speed]

[Intelligence to your magic power, maximum mana and mana regeneration]

[Fortitude to your resistance to abnormal effects and debuffs. Stat points cant be distributed to this stat.]

After thinking for a while Acewill distributed all to agility, and his reason was "I dont wanna feel slow",

Acewill then went inside the village hall which was the biggest in the village, Inside was normal, no designs just a crystal ball in the middle, Acewill went close to the crystal ball in the middle and when he got close a panel appeared.

[Village Core]

Village Name: Feyre

Owner: Shadow

Village level: Very Very Very Small village (3/1000 population)

Population: 3

Village Area: 1 square kilometer

Village Territory: 50 Square Kilometer

Soldiers: 0

Popular Support: 100 [refers to residents loyalty, if dropped 0 the villagers will rebel]

Benefits: None


Summon Villager[Passive]

Automatically Summons 3 random villagers every 24 hours.

King's Knowledge[Passive]

Bestow a job to a villager

Jobs available

Farmer[F grade]

Soldier[E grade]

Description: First was infantry, which could choose [Sabermen], [Swordsmen], or [Spearmen]

After changing professions, infantry could obtain profession- specific skills.

After checking everythig Acewill went outside and was greeted by the first villagers he had

"Good morning Your highness" The female said, Acewill checked their stats.

Anna(B grade)

Profession Apothecary

Skills: Healing(Can heal sickness)

Leo(B Grade)

Profession: Blacksmith

Skills: Forging(Can create weapons)

Cid(B Grade)


Skills:Tailoring(Can create defensive items)

All three people were B grade, and their other stats were not so important, Every NPC in a village was graded in to 9, From highest to lowest: SSS, SS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F.

The higher the one's grade was, the higher its intelligence and comprehension, E grade was two times more quick the F grade, D grade was four times that ankd so on.

After talking with them for a while Acewill went to the village portal which was given for free by the system, He teleported to the nearby kingdom called Crystal Kingdom which was owned by an NPC.

Acewill planned to take some quest and train first and let the village population grow for now,it automatically summons villagers so what can he do than wait?, he first went to the training ground where many players was training and hitting dummies, Acewill also took a wooden sword from the training grounds warehouse and started hitting the dummy, players can acquire extra stats on training.

Acewill spent 4 hours hitting dummies non-stop, he also gained many attention from other players, especially to females, Acewill enhanced his facial features so its normal for females to flock on him, he had black hair and bred eyes, his shirt getting wet from hid sweat making his 6 pack abs show off, he literally looked like a super star.

After a few hours of training Acewill, had acquired plenty of extra stats but he felt the sword was not for him, so he went to the training grounds warehouse and looked for other weapons, there were many kinds of weapons like spear,sword,bows and so on.

Acewill didn't notice it at first because he was excited to attack the dummy and just took the nearby sword and now that he inspected it, there were really many to choose at.

Acewill looked around and found that the spear suited him, when he was young he only fought with street thugs and didn't need to use weapon, now in Multi-Cosmos weapons were good choices.

Acewill choosed the spear and went pack on the training grounds, he walked in front of the dummy and he stroked his spear to feel it and then he closed his eyes for 1 second.

then moment he opened his eyes the spear started moving, Acewill spun it around and started hitting the dummy, Many Players noticed this and started watching him.

The spear on Acewill's hands looked like it was dancing, everything was on rhythm and it looked like Acewill has wielded spear for a long time.

"Wow, Its so beautiful" a female said

"defenitely a master"

Many players started commenting on Acewill, Some players also started recording his moves.

Acewill was so absorbed on using the spear to hit the dummy, this what was he was looking for eversince he was young, the thrill of fighting even though he was only fighting the dummy, he felt his blood pumping from excitement.

After a few hours Acewill didn't stop hitting the dummy, his stamina was bottomed out and his already losing HP, When his HP fell down to 50% Acewill stopped hitting the dummy, he was panthing heavily from continuous training he did.

He spent total of 16 hours hitting the dummy (A/N: In game).

Many players had already left and it was nearing night time in the game, Acewill was still level 0 but his stats didn't look like one, Acewill then sat beneath the huge tree and called out [Character Window].

Name: Shadow

Level: 0

Class: None

LifeStyle Job: None

Health: 50/50 Mana: 10/10

Strength: 11

Vitality: 11

Agility: 21

Intelligence: 2

Fortitude: 7

Stat points: 0

Cultivation Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: None

Weapon: Wooden Spear

Equipment: Coarse Cloth Clothes, Cloth shoes, Coarse Cloth Pants

Acewill was satisfied, after resting he continued training, then after a while

[Ding] The system sounded

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