Emperor's descendant system Book

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Emperor's descendant system


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"Emperors have been in this world for decades. Some have the ambition to conquer, and some to expand their economy. In both circumstances, their abilities are limitless. They are all-powerful, and no person on the planet can stand in their way (except all mighty God himself). Legend has it that one person will mount 10,000 men to stop the emperor's tyranny. Humans are still waiting for this prophesy to come true, hoping that someone would save them from the dictatorship of the emperors warring over who would become dominant." "Little did the emperors know that Armdal's descendant has already been chosen since the beginning." ————— You might be asking yourself what happened to the power of a God, well due to religious reasons, I couldn't continue writing about Gods I do not worship. What I was doing was blasphemy. So enjoy this revamp of the story


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