99 Chapter 99- A glimpse of the flower's past (3)

Two pieces of an old dices made from animal bones rolled on the top of the grass. A man whose right ear was pierced with three gold ingot earrings immediately seized the white stones and blew of the dirt and stalks he roughly yanked.

Dusting some of the red earth from the dices' surfaces, he then blew on them and began to caress each with care, "My babies…" His lips pouted and gave each of the dices his kiss. Treating them like rare treasures.

"Hey darn it! You left me hanging on the casino last month. Those local tyrants nearly ripped me off to pieces when they couldn't find you!" Golden Hands didn't restrain the itch he felt and hit him on the back of his skull causing the two dices to fell on the earth again and this time the half inches stones landed near the silent man's shiny shoes.

Nezha widened his eyes as a result and dived to the ground and tried to save his lucky charms from getting destroyed, but who knew the silent young man stared at his actions and lifted his feet only to stamp with considerable force.

Nezha's hands inches from the soles trembled. "You!" he seemed to overhear the sounds of breaking in the midst.

The funeral song played in his mind.

Even the kleptomaniac drew his breath and slightly averted his eyes from the savage scene. Though he was glad to see the gambler lying on the ground nearly crying, an indirect vengeance.

"My good luck charms! Xu, I'll kill you." Eyes blazing with madness, the gambling addict recovered his stance and seized the spectacled man the by collar. His nose flared and everyone could see him almost turning into a golden dragon spewing fires. Adding to the gold pieces of jewelleries that jiggle and dangled recklessly on his limbs, his body blinded them from looking longer under the reflection of the sun.

Xu is here? Both Ning Lou and Long Feitian hurriedly opened their car doors and slipped outside.

The man adjusted his glasses and stood firm, he resembled a sturdy bamboo and ignored the gambler's threat. "Logically those dices didn't have any factor on your success in gambling. If you calculate the chances of hitting a combination- ah wait math possibly won't apply to you since your games are full of dirty human interventions." Rolling his eyes, he made sure to provoke the furious man.

That did a good job as Nezha lifted his fist and hit him squarely on the face. "You need to pay for those!" Without the man's foot impeding him from retrieving his beloved belongings, Nezha finally saw his dices- no- actually several broken parts of the dices His legs quivered a murderous intention found its way into his mind.

The punch pushed the man a few feet away. A streak of red liquid flowed from the corner of his ruddy lips. Lightly touching his bruised mouth, Xu immediately spat the blood from his wounded inner cheeks. His glasses went askew after receiving the guy's hit, still he managed not to utter a moan or groan. "Coming from the weight of yours, you mass should have…"

"Yi? Are you having fun impersonating Xu?" Ning Lou watched the usual 'warm' greeting of the three from her car. She didn't want to spoil their reunion and waited for them settle their grievances but once she heard Nezha called Xu's name and noticed the features of artificial prosthetics on Xu's face, she couldn't help but intervened with a slight protest.

When her words transmitted to Situ Yi, the latter paused for a few seconds. His gaze on Nezha faltered.

"What! he's Yi?!" The two yelled in unison.

Long Feitian caught up to her and arrived by her side and threw Situ Yi a reproachful look, "Didn't we talk about this matter?" His smooth fingers combed through his hair in frustration. Situ Yi just violated the rules.

Nezha and Golden hands also spared his fake face a second look. So that's why he was being weird it turned out he was playing the role of that outspoken freak who spouted 'unintelligible' words- a.k.a. Hacker Xu. Though, Nezha couldn't forgive him for destroying his treasure.

Being the center of attention, Situ Yi pinched the bridge of the glasses and removed them revealing a pair of playful and keen eyes quite different from the dreary indifference earlier, the air around him whisked into another or rather returning to its colourful lustre. "My bad I thought that guy was around. I wanted to surprise him with a gift." Cheshire, almost lunatic, the grinned forming on the pair of red lips was the most familiar to them. Situ Yi was known for his brutal pranks in impersonating influential figures.

It wouldn't even be an exaggeration to say that he had been a president in a day and discussed border affairs with the head of the national security, or became a rock star on a signing day event, or even a knight escorting a royalty, and the list goes on and on.

Situ Yi was known as the lawless world's Thousand Faces trickster.

"You shouldn't do it next time. Keep off your face out of the men in front of you." Ning Lou frowned and didn't get amused by his explanation. Snatching the pair of eyeglasses from his hands and stuffed them inside of her pocket, "Anyway, your smile is off the mark." she tipped him poking the corner of his disturbing grin.

Situ Yi touched the area her fingers grazed and asked in expectation, "An 80% then?" The phrase was referring to being Xu's resemblance.

Ning Lou pretended to seriously inspect his work which Situ Yi gladly permitted. Nearly looking like a docile cat under Ning Lou's ministration, he titled his head in accordance with the woman's tiny movements.

But no matter how Ning Lou forced herself to search for a sign of Xu, she was unsuccessful. A playful smile danced on her lips which raise the Situ Yi's spirit up only to have it destroyed in a split second after.

"Barely passable…" She commented after sneaking a glance on the indiscernible mole on his earlobe and released her hold on him.

Situ Yi frowned but wasn't completely disheartened by her reply, he only took off the prosthetics attached to his skin, finished; he exhaled and rubbed it pondering over what to do or rather whose face will it be this time.

When his genuine features were finally revealed to them, Nezha quickly pounced himself on him and demanded a compensation for his annihilated beloved charms.

But Situ Yi only smiled at him before saying without an ounce of guilt, "I'm broke…" Situ Yi spoke those words while glancing at the direction of his newly bought custom made off road vehicle. Only one glance at it and even those not knowledgeable with cars can safely say that its price must be on par with those limited edition sports car.

Really a weirdo, another punch landed on his face bruising the other end of his mouth but the man still beamed with enthusiasm and continued to provoke Nezha's impatience.

The other three quickly untangled the two and dragged them inside putting an end to their brawl on the lawn.


Inside a dim conference room, three huge computer monitors attached to the wall were the only sources of light. Long Feitian grasped a small rectangular device, his angular jaw taut from watching the clips his subordinates salvaged from the FBI's raids in Country D.

The others consequently observed his expressions from the side-lines.

Feitian's eyes darted across the three monitors from time to time until he spotted what he was looking for among the clips. There it was- the person that managed to make a mess of his thoughts.

"It's him." When his words landed, all pair of eyes trailed the direction of his gaze.

Ning Lou leaned forward and assessed his distinct features, his body language and so on trying to find some specific information about his background but no matter what angle she used, he was like a blank canvas unable to discern its purpose. That only statement she could utter was, "So young…" And that's it.

"Really…That's it?" Golden hands looked at her in astonishment. "I never seen you so loss for words…" He rubbed his chin and also took his time to give a comment but he was not a keen observer in the first place, the only thing that he was able to judge was the dude's pairs of beautiful unblemished hands. Thus, he didn't restrain himself from admiring the piece or art, "So beautiful…"

Nezha watched their momentarily distraction and also did his best to make a judgment but it only took one look for him to feel threatened. Those pair of eyes was unlike he have seen from the gambling victims he ripped off. "So scary…" He wished he would not encounter that man in a game of poker.

On the other hand, Situ Yi stifled his laughter. Hunching his back and shaking his shoulder, the others took notice of his abnormal episode and Golden Hands elbowed him in the abdomen asked him afterwards, "What are you laughing for?" Can't you see the black lines on Long Feitian's face?

Situ Yi stopped his laugh but the smile on his lips still hang and slowly ignited by the second, "Oh wait a minute…Let me…Cough…So blurry…" He narrowed at the end after he found it hard to continue the so-so string of comments.

A rectangular thing ended up hitting him on the forehead.

It turns out Long Feitian had lost his patience by the end of his words.

Situ Yi's already bruised face was marred again.

The other three sucked cold breaths witnessing the vicious attack.

"Be ser-" ious Long Feitian halted his words when all their satellite phones rang in succession.

The five of them checked the contents of the devices and quickly stood up. Situ Yi also followed suit shredding his usual languidness.

"Brother Long, it looks like your estate is not safe anymore."

"Feitian you did a bad painting job."

"There's a submarine by the loading docks." Feitian walked towards a shelf filled with books and tilted one revealing storage of armed weapons. The ones he smuggled illegally.

"Take your pick." He added and went to opened another door leading to a secret passage.

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