98 Chapter 98- A glimpse of the flower’s past (2)

The playful smile on his lips turned into an amusing one as he watched her displaying rare childish defiance towards his tease. "It's still the same. Both have 'xiao' in it..." dragging the last word on purpose, he snuck glances at her and was satisfied to see her getting frustrated- a genuine one if he may point out. This woman was often too deceitful in her actions whilst doing her profession, so when it comes down to making her elicit unpretentious responses, teasing her name does the job.

The results somehow brought him a temporary solace, that he was not included in her little world of lies.

Coughing, he added, "If you don't want to, I can call you XiaoXiao (Little little)" further amplifying the woman's displeasure. He wasn't the type to play a joke on anyone, so the woman was always quite surprised when he put down this 'little' charade.

The 'Brother Long' who was fond of using his bullets most of the time was sparing her a moment of leg-pulling. This was worth a headline.

Though 'little little' that sounded like an insult. Ning Lou roughly scowled, but she knew the more she lengthened her dislike, the more Brother Long will stretch their useless discussion. "Then Xiao Lou it is. As long as it's not 'Little little'." An exasperated sigh escaped from her lips, momentarily pressing down her fire to correct the ugly nickname he invented.

Still his way of igniting her truthful sentiments never lost its sparks. Maybe one day she'll end up swindling him instead. Ning Lou didn't discard the sprouting idea on her mind.

Disappointed on how she quickly gave up in retorting, Long Feitian hid his upset thoughts with a laugh. "Where's your four-eyed friend?" switching the topic, he finally couldn't help but wonder about that eccentric shadow that will appear beside her like a phantom.

His cover up was poorly done and the woman who was sensitive to discerning human emotions felt an indescribable bafflement, hold that thought- her Brother Long is troubled? "He had something to do…I couldn't separate him from the keyboard", she began to trace her steps, tapping her wedge shoes on the red earth until she finally closed their distance.

"He's always 'absent' during the things that mattered the most." His voice got a little edgy as the woman arrived at his spot, only two feet away from him. He could clearly see the sheen sweat that became dews on her forehead.

The sun was at its peak enhancing their forms with a slight halo. Some glean shone the woman's face, basking her outlines with radiance. She did not possess the most peerless face nor did she have the most curvaceous figure, but there was something in her that Long Feitian couldn't help but gawked. Yes gawked- quite embarrassing to confess the least.

The top criminal was actually in a dilemma and the matter was not business related.

Inspecting his unusual white-collar dress code, a grin bloomed in her lips raising Long Feitian's eyebrows in anticipation, "What is it?" He got a little bit distracted and bobbed his throat.

Suddenly, Ning Lou leaned forward and began to iron the creases on his shirt. "Did you go to the police station again?"

She always like to keep her fingers devoid of any nail polish, it was quite an unspoken requirement in conning when one needed to switch genders if necessary. Her hair was also styled like men's, but it was not right to say she had no feminine charms, rather she had something worth digging deeper, like an enigma, mystifying and fascinating.

"How did you know?" Almost shock upon her initiation of intimate contact, the male leaned back and soon regretted it.

Realizing her rude actions, Ning Lou didn't continue and raised both of her hands in shoulder level to express her apologies, "You're look says 'I'm posing as an innocent man', doesn't really goes with your designer shoes. And what's with that faint scent of coffee. I didn't know Brother Long was now fond of such beverage over booze." There were many more things to nit-pick but she felt the time it was not appropriate. The end of her lips curved as a result, keeping the rest tight lipped.

When her hand left him, he was strangely hurt. "I was just handling some trespassing matters." He explained and pinched his temples trying to reason himself. It was quite annoying that he was this of a fool when it comes to Ning Lou.

"Oh…"Ning Lou crossed her arms and a tinge of wonder fell on her eyebrows. "Where are your subordinates? Why are you handling matters yourself?" It was quite unbelievable that the head would move than the tentacles. He had hundreds and even thousands of men under his command and at the snap of his fingers they would be at his beck and call.

Pursing his lips, he immediately recalled the on-going operations after their successful modus operandi at Country D. Every border tightened their securities as a result. This was not an unusual case rather the rumours circulating were.

There was a new senior director in the FBI and he is busting successful criminal syndicates, wiping them to the root. Long Feitian was unperturbed by the news until the some of his dens in Country D were raided overnight. The loss was minor barely scratching the surface of his empire, but he was a cautious person, delving deeper to what it seems like a minor accomplishment in the others' eyes.

The profit coming from those dens couldn't compare to the others scattered around the Country D, but it was the most strategic location.

The new senior director was valuing substance over form. This fact made him spared a second thought.

The movements of his pupils right now indicated that he was pondering over some matters and it was not good. Ning Lou's lips sloped downwards, clicking her tongue, she inquired lightly, "What are you thinking?", though she was not expecting him to reply.

His murky gaze landed on her eyes and without hesitation he answered her curiosity, "You should be careful in your activities from now on." The concern was evident in his tone though his eyes flashed with seriousness. He, on the top of the food chain had become wary of something only meant that it was not trivial.

Somehow the rumours she heard from Xu before travelling here appeared on her head, "Are you referring to the FBI's new recruit?" Replacing her carefree tone with a pitch talking about business matters, she poked him.

His nodded with solemnity. "He extended his claws on my business in Country D, crippling my operation in that country."

Ning Lou nodded. "When you gain something, you also lose."

"Spare me from the pep talk." Regaining his languidness, he combed his hand sleekly on his hair enhancing his handsome looks on another notch.

"Alright. I'll stop. I forgot you weren't the type to linger around losses." Ning Lou raised her hands in defeat before wearing a look of expectation. "How about we wrap this up and meet the boys?"

Right at the end of her words, different distinct honks of cars echoed in the woods.

"It's about time for a little reunion."

Long Feitian only stared at her enthusiasm. Truthfully he was more inclined to having her as his only guest than to welcome a bunch of eccentric guys that couldn't wait to pounce on each other.

The two returned to their own cars and drove towards a small villa where rows of cars were parked in a messy disorganized manner.

Long Feitian looked at the heated atmosphere from his car and scoffed. "These guys never changed." He took out his pistol from his coat and fired three consecutive shots on the lawn barely missing the targets in hairbreadths.

The three tangled men quickly evaded his shots in fury.

"Darn it! Long Feitian!"

Their shouts in chorus filled with anger were music to Long Feitian's ears.

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