100 Chapter 100- A glimpse of the flower's past (4)

Ning Lou didn't know what exactly was happening above as every one of them paid close attention to their own safety. Bullets flew and left holes on the stoned wall, on the ground, and punctured holes through the solid walls of Long Feitian's villa.

It was raining but instead of the gentle water, the heavens- no technically it was three helicopters with machine guns installed on each of the opened rears fired barrage after barrage. The pilots steered and maintained its area of range completely cornering the entire estate in four corners, while expert marksmen never cease firing. The monitors earlier showed these images.

Anything that moved will be greeted by metal bullets.

Armed soldiers with agents rolled down a skeletal ladder from the helicopter and conducted a floor clearing.

Even through the underground tunnel, the explosive sounds from above could be heard.

"Honestly, how did the FBI know our current location?" the gambling addict's face was filled with frustration. "Is it you Yi!" The unfortunate matter regarding the dices still lingered in his memory. Raising the muzzle to Situ Yi's direction, he spat those words in a statement laced with hate.

"Get your balls together Nezha." A hard thing slapped Nezha's butt making the gambling addict retrieved his ill-sight from the trickster.

Nezha gritted his teeth. All of the gold he carried on his body were left on Feitian's underground vault and even his earpiece was mercilessly tossed on an isolated corner. Thus, he was currently agitated.

Situ Yi chuckled while continuing in his pace, "If it was me, I wouldn't be here while you're getting caught." His remark got a pinch from the only lady in the group.

"Hey flower, Xu isn't here. Could he be the one that tip us off?" Still beaming without a tinge of hesitation, his words caused the other men to look over the woman. The other couldn't guess if he was serious or not.

But he was on point. A smart person would do the same thing and Xu's brain juice had the capacity to fill the Pacific Ocean.

"Where is he anyway?" the golden thief asked in curiosity though his tone was also one part doubtful.

Their looks suggested the suspiciousness towards Xu. The woman sent them each a glare before taking out her satellite phone to browse the earlier message she received.

It didn't take long for her to locate what she wanted and showed them the evidence to clear their misgiving against the hacker, "He was the one who sent me the warning."

The other men averted their eyes at her device and soon settled their distrust for her friend. Situ Yi, on the other hand didn't have any distinct response towards her defend.

Ning Lou stuffed the phone back in her breast pocket and removed the safety pin of her small pistol.

Situ Yi only took two steps before he felt a cold thing on his neck. "Don't do that again." Situ Yi knew exactly what she was referring to.

The woman's breath sprayed on his neck bringing a tingling sensation on his spine. He discarded the weapon on his fatal point and paid no heed to her warning.

He even spun his sight on her, never erasing the Cheshire smile he always wore.

"I really admired your strong rapport with that bore but you shouldn't trust him so much .Everyone has skeletons inside their closets." He particular phrased the last sentence with emphasis indicating his clear intention of insinuation.

"Well that's my problem." Ning Lou retrieved her gun and shoved him to wall with a thud. She pinned him on the wall with her wedge sole on his stomach. Aiming the gun at his head, she whispered "Amongst us all, you must be the one who had the most skeletons." It wasn't a simply an opinion but rather a claim from her long term observation. She attached the silencer to the muzzle, pierced his eyes with threatening glare and left him on the spot while she joined the others.

Situ Yi didn't get hurt by her words and only stared at her form and lifted the weapon on his arm. He licked the corner of his mouth still aching from the earlier one-sided fight. Both eyes narrowed at the group. His lips lifted into a smile quite different from the cat in the Alice in wonderland. It was chilling and carried a sense of morbid savagery.

One…two…three…four…which one to take down first?

When his target was locked, his finger on the trigger slowly made its move.

Ah, I know…The unsettling smile on his lips deepened and the grip on the trigger continued to close the distance until only a centimetre was left.

Ning Lou, in that moment, chose to turn around and was greeted by the sight of Situ Yi's dark cloudy eyes and his aimed weapon. She wanted to evade but Situ Yi didn't give him the chance to sidestep.

The trigger was completely pulled.


Ning Lou's heart leapt into her throat.

But surprisingly the sound of the gun being fired didn't echo in the small tunnel.

"Bang" Situ Yi regained his stance and chuckled at her reaction. "I forgot to remove the safety pin." A tiny metal rod appeared between his fingertips. He tossed it in the air purposely making everything earlier a joke. The smile on his lips was now etched with typical one as if the one Ning Lou just seen was an illusion.

But who was Ning Lou? His expression and body language seconds ago clearly indicated his intention to take her life.

Nin Lou clenched her fists as he watched him getting closer swayed the weapon on his hand never fearing it would fire accidentally.

When his long strides reached her, she heard him dropped some words, "Although that was a delight."

Ning Lou did her best not to smack him on the head at this crucial moment.


When the group reached the end of the tunnel, they saw the situation on the docks through the small gap between the green shrubberies.

Feitian recalled the submarine's location a few meters from the docks where a five men team armed to the teeth with armours guarded and placed a barred around the area.

"Can someone enlighten me on how we can get out of here alive?" Nezha asked while huddling in between Yi and the thief.

After he dropped his question, all pairs of eyes looked at Long Feitian's head hoping he could come up with a plan. Their satellite phones were not working anymore after they went out. They guessed the FBI must have done something to disrupt the signal. Only the one belonging to Ning Lou was their source of hope but the fact this conwoman only had a friend whose line of work was mainly on the virtual world, the men didn't raise their hopes up.

"Hey flower can you ask Xu to give me a pair as well?" Nezha and the Golden thief nodded with expectation.

Ning Lou didn't pay attention to them as she was communicating and recording the instructions flashing on the screen of her device.

Situ Yi broke a small twig from the branches and played with it in his small mouth. None of the pressing matters outside broke his leisurely composure.

"Feitian…" Nezha couldn't calm his nerves and called out his name in an almost inaudible voice.

Long Feitian withdrew his eyes from the men guarding the docks. "I counted them. There are five men in the docks. One of the helicopters must have skimmed through the woods. That's only left us to take care off. Each of those helicopters had a pilot and two men taking turns in loading and firing the machine guns. The ones clearing on the ground are probably around the estimate of 10 men. I am still not clear on other specifics but for now I can safely say 21 people…21 armed people."

Only 21 people…

"That's great..."

"I'm not finished."

Nezha and Golden hands quickly shut up.

"Little Lou what do you think about it?" Feitian approached the woman busy scribbling words on the ground.

Ning Lou looked up and trepidation flashing though her eyes. "Brother Long…"

"What is it?" The three men asked her in succession. Their eyes mirrored hers.

"X-Xu did a thermal scan on the topography and detected not only 21 men but there are five unidentified groups lying ambush on the water, the north, south, and west and east…"

"We're in deep sh*t! Why did I come here after all?"

The small twig in the gaps of Situ Yi's teeth fell on the ground. For some reason, a pair of eyes appeared on his mind ominously. His instinct were always spot on. That man clearly reeked of trouble.

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