1 Emo Madness

One day emo called Emo Henrik walked into a grocery store and bought some bread and some licorice candy and as he is about to walk out he met another emo, emo Bob. The two emos looked at each other and then they start talking.

Emo Bob: E

Emo Henrik: What you here to buy

Emo Bob: white powder

Emo Henrik: Why

Emo Bob: Depression

Emo Henrik: K

Emo Henrik: Why you in back

Emo Bob: I'm Emo (Growled Emo Bob)

Emo Henrik: What did you yesterday in bed?

Emo Bob: Why, what's with the cum-motion?

At that moment a creature from the shadow-realm came in and it started destroying everything in the store. It is the one and only Shmuel the madman.

Shmuel the madman: Where is Bruno!!!!

Emo Henrik: What do you mean?

Emo Bob: Yes what do you mean

Emo Henrik: No bobby, stop it. Get some help. Don't have depression.

Shmuel the madman: I found Bruno!!!!!

Emo Henrik: Oh my god he didn't die.

Emo Bob: Shhhhh it's ok Linkin park is on the radio.

Together they all walked to the parking lot. They saw something that they should never forget. They saw Goth Bruno beating up Slavic goblin.


Emos: Oh no it's a goth we need to defeat him

Emo Henrik: Hello fellow goth, we beat you up now in dace battle.

The battle was about to start, Emo Bob called the Emo brotherhood witch has 50 members and Goth Bruno called the Italian mafia which have 70 members. Emo Henrik seeing that they are outnumbered, called the Swiss bankers and Shmuel the madman called his Jewish brothers from Jerusalem. So on the red side, it is Shmuel the madman, Goth Bruno, the Italian mafias and the Jews vs The Blue side witch is, Emo Bob& Henrik, the Emo brotherhood, the Swiss bankers and a Slavic goblin!!! The battle lasted for five day and five nights, many players had fallen during these five days, and during these five days the cops tried their best to stop this war but the two sides' dance style were too sexy for the cops so they just gave up.

Another day passed and both sides had almost everyone in their team fallen. the few that remain are Emo Bob& Henrik and Goth Bruno with Shmuel the Madmen. But they are all way too tired to keep dancing.

Emo Bob: Why are we still here, just to suffer? Every night I can feel my leg, my arm, and even my finger. The body I've lost, I comrades I've lost. Won't stop hurting, it's like they're all still here. You feel it too don't you, Emo Henrik? (Bob be Heavily breathing this whole time)

Emo Henrik: no

Emo Bob: what!!!???

Emo Henrik: Me be an Emo, me not feel anything…

Emo Bob: Wait what happened to Slavic goblin?

Goth Bruno: He died

Emo Bob: Noooooo!!! He was like a father, I loved him like my own son.

Shmuel the Madman: How dear you two be still alive!

Emo Henrik: We are Emos, our life expectancy is only 20 years because we sniff that with powder, but before that, we are basically invincible.

Goth Bruno: fine then I'll have to call a friend of mine to wipe you out of existents. Our nukes will blot out the sun. The great Goth empire will rule over the world, we'll. Destroy all Emo outpost around the world and convert them to Gothesem and then, we will take over Jerusalem. All you Emos will be dead, the war between the Emos and the Goths will end with all the Emos dead.

Emo Henrik: We can survive anything from acid to, 1000 degrees Celsius to -273.15 degrees Celsius to sword stabs to Snake toxins to Arsenic to Polonium-210 to radiation to Adrija to Mercury to drugs and to Azidoazide Azide.

Goth Bruno made a call to his friend Smith, Smith the dictator. Soon Goth Bruno's friend Smith the dictator came from the sky riding his nuke, behind him there were thousands of other nuke and all of them are coming for the Emo brothers. Soon the nukes blot out the sun and started to rain down on the Emo brothers. Later on the whole country was in runes, there were no signs of life anywhere…

But then a hand reached out of the rubbled covered ground and attempts to pull himself out, after a long time of trying he finally did it. GOTH BRUNO pulled himself out of the ground.

Goth Bruno: The Goth Empire will take over the world.