1 Mystery of the name

-Emma Nur, Do u notice my name? Emma means universal and nur(arabic name) means light, so my name meaning is universal light. Emma this one given by my father, he was a Christian and nur this one given by my mother, she is a Muslim. in 24,August 1978 the two of them had met in the suicide forest ( in German ). My mom (nurjahan) was trying to suicide, because of she was frustrated for her economical conditions and she was cheated by her love. My dad(Lucas William) used to go to the forest every day, because of he used to enjoy the ruthless cost of human begins. like everyday he was enjoying my mom ruthless pain but suddenly she was singing a song ( if you don't have money...so you are nothingggggggg...awhhhhhh..if you don't have love..you r nothinggggggg nothing nothing nothing nothing last one was too loud nothing )her voice was angelic voice,a wonderfully, beautifully voice.. almost all the time my dad used to say that word. After listening my dad came out and he said stop stop stop please listen to me, she said who are you? don't come closer i would kill you.oh yes actually that's you all human like that my dad was saying that, I am trying to saving and you want what? but do you known what!! you can't kill me..any human can't kill me.she was shocking his talking way was different and then she asked why anyone can't kill you? he didn't reply her, he picked up a dried leaf and took the knife from her hand and cut off his left hand finger and wrote an address with blood.my mom was shocked no not for cut his finger she was shocked for his blood color,she asked what! your blood color is black!!oh my GOD...he told come to the address if you want to known.Then he given the leaf to her..she was afraid her hand was shaking to take it.

in 28, August 1978 she was going for interview, suddenly Lucas William came infornt her, and asked one question why don't you come?

humm!! yes was you talking with me? who are you?she was asked him?(she was pretending to be unknown ). he smile and his smile was very deep. she said was it funny anything ! no,not at all you're have angelic voice. oh thanks don't followe me she replied and walked in her destination....she looked up back but he wasn't there..she was starting sweat after then she was walking so fastly and thinking where he go? who is he?should i talk with him? Lucas-are you thinking about me? Aaaaa she fall down,hey you can't you see my ankle aah.let me see,lucas was said. she was so loud move don't touch me,all your fault..lucas-I am sorry, what i do your sorry hun?you spoil every thing.who are you? why you follow me? can't you talk? he whisper something (which one i would ans).she was shouting i lost my job you stupid all hope gone..Do you need an job?he asked her.. hmm yes she replied but you're spoil my opportunity..i known one job do wanna try..um ok,but it's not your kind,it cost of your stupid behavior.lucas-hmm. nurjahan-now can you call a cab? please. that's how they two started meeting each other.my mom got a job an assistant of my dad office .They got married in 10March,1980.....

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