1 Here comes Emily

Emily is the new girl who is different from the other girls,Emily is a vampire and she can can see things other people can't see like her crush James he's the invisible man and his sister is a siren and they all are from Atlantis and they've been in savagery school since kindergarten.The reason why Emily is so shy around people is that when she is in daylight she turns ... well black and when she does she has to wear a mask for 2 days and she will be exposed if her bully Vanessa rips of her mask so Emily has to stay away from her friends and bully's when it happens. Emily goes on a field trip and her and her crush jams were right next to each other and then sunlight hit Emily's face and she turned black and blue and James actually liked it and James wanted to see her on Saturday night by the cemetery at the end of the road on magic street,she said ok and when they did he showed her what he wanted to and she was thrilled and she wanted to kiss him... but when he showed her the picture of her and James when they were toddlers there was only one mom and James always stayed at Emily's house every night, then they went to Emily's house and asked her mom if they were related and Emily's mom said " yes you found out, you twos father had died so when James was born he was adopted and then his adopted parent died so you got sent back." Emily and James were shook,they didn't even know that they were related and then Emily didn't know that her crush was her brother and that James's sister Athena was her sister too so they were all related.