1 The View at the Summit

Along the Mountain of Rebirth, countless kings, heroes, and other legendary figures were mere fertilizer. Their bodies were strewn about like the dead mice on a highway.

Had I made even a single mistake and lost even a millionth of my focus during the way up, perhaps I would have also died like them.

But somehow, I managed to ascend without dying. Though not without the cost of one arm, one leg, and severe injuries across my entire body.

Still, I was alive.

Standing a single step away from the peak.

With a simple movement, I could reach the peak of the mountain. The tallest summit in the entire world. The gate which led to the fabled 'Realm Beyond the Sky'.

'Perhaps the reason I've survived has simply been because of luck shining upon me... Regardless, the fact that I'm right in front of the peak means that I've done something which has before been thought impossible.'

I couldn't help but let out a proud smile. Even legendary figures like the 'Illuminating Skies Monk' and the 'Lifeless Undead King' had fallen. For me to survive was really just incredible.

I bested all these people. I was the first person to reach the peak of the Mountain in history. I was the strongest.

No, that wasn't quite correct. I was forgetting someone.

I slapped my forehead in disbelief, confused about how I could have ever forgotten 'that' person. Even if it was for a single moment, it was inexcusable.

I would definitely have to ask her to punish me once I met 'her' again.

"Jeez, how did I forget? She's waiting up there, beyond the summit. She, the number one in terms of power. Even now, she's probably amazing the people up there with fantastical swordplay or something like that. She, my... Master."

A smile emerged in my face. Even the thought of my master made my mind brighten up with joy. As long as she was alive, I could persevere against anything in the world.

Had I ascended the Mountain of Rebirth for any other reason, I would've long ago had died mid-way up.

'Master, when you left, your power exceeded my realm of comprehension. But, now? I'm definitely at least half of how powerful you were! Now that I'm not that much weaker than you, I won't be a burden anymore! I'll fight alongside you once more!'

After shouting these words in my head, I took in deep breaths and calmed down.

Then, I stepped forwards.

Towards the 'Realm Beyond the Sky'.

But most importantly, I moved a step closer to my master.javascript:;

In that single moment, I thought,

'Wow. This is beautiful.'

I was at the very peak of the world. At the top. Even the clouds were barely visible. I had to activate my mana, magnifying my eyesight by thousands of times to even see the ground.

In the next moment, the world suddenly disappeared.