EMERALD; the girl with the red hair

Author: sinna
Contemporary Romance
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What is EMERALD; the girl with the red hair

Read ‘EMERALD; the girl with the red hair’ Online for Free, written by the author sinna, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering PREGNANCY Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "Lana's wedding day implodes when she uncovers her fiancé's betrayal with her best friend. In a daze of anguish, she fin...


"Lana's wedding day implodes when she uncovers her fiancé's betrayal with her best friend. In a daze of anguish, she finds solace in a passionate night with a stranger - billionaire Eric Lawson. As they connect over their shared heartaches, their intense encounter ignites a fierce desire. But when dawn breaks, Lana vanishes, leaving Eric with only memories of their mysterious connection. Unbeknownst to Eric, Lana's night of recklessness has a lasting consequence - a son, born from their fleeting union. Four years later, Lana's catering company is hired to handle Eric's father's birthday party. As they cross paths once more, the embers of their past ignite a complex web of secrets, lies, and unresolved desires. Will Eric discover that his mystery woman, the one he dubbed 'Emerald' for her piercing green eyes, is the same person catering his event? And will he learn that he has a son, a living reminder of their passionate night? As the truth threatens to upend their lives, can they confront their past and rekindle their lost love, or will the secrets they've kept tear them apart forever?"

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