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Embodiment of Evil.


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MC is the OC from my 'Nun' story, Abaddon B. Apollos. His personality is aligned with 'True Evil' and you would want to hit him with a punch if you ever saw him in real life. Yes, he is THAT guy!, but once you get used to it, you will realize that he is Mentally Chaotic and is bipolar and he ain't changing for the better. And be rest assured he is not edgy or cringey like most of the "Evil" protagonists on this website. He is my brand of evil, so he has a different set of morals, meaning he hasn't got many morals to preach with. There may be Traps because the ratio of Traps and no traps in my polls were equal, but don't worry I will make a new poll in this Fic. Synopsis: MC gets reincarnated with an Evil system as a Demon, this story will use the Format of "Custom-made Demon King". This means he will have access to the abyss but the Power levels will be different, and a different system too. And instead of getting reborn in the Abyss, he will instead have a Personal Hub World. ■There will be R-18, and be assured I am good at writing them, instead of the Unrealistic Hentai bullshit on this website, I will take a more realistic approach and introduce fantasy elements to it. ■No racist, uncouth, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic words are allowed to be used in the comments, I will immediately remove them. Do you understand Faggots? ■I am sick of you guys thinking that you own my ass, I write howsoever I please, I don't need your cunts to be placed in front of me when I try to write, it only serves as a distraction. ■I don't need reviews like I hate the MC, I hate you, I hate the story, at least give some constructive criticism. I will also remove Spam reviews unless they are good of course.


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