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Elyxion Isle


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It's not always about the music in this nation. Celebrities, Idols, Politicians -- Yes, they are all well-known around the country and overseas. But, within their borders it's the rich young bachelor moguls that centers it all. Not only are they wealthy beyond belief, they're also blessed with good looks and charming personalities. Bachelor magazines, Business news, even internet gossip news portals features these moguls who caught the attention of the nation, ever since they all started to take over the business districts of the country. The nation have their eyes not only on one but NINE bachelors who comes in package as they're all friends and shares a close connection between each other. Because they're always seen together as a group, young girls imagine them as one of those idol groups they obsess with plus a bonus of wealth and affluent upbringing. They became the most sought after bachelors in the country. Well, who wouldn't want to snatch one of them? All perfect, handsome, and loaded bachelors that took the nation by storm.


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