1 A Start Of Departure

1,000 years ago, outside of haraki after being repaired from the events of the war, 3 kids who lived peacefully are safe and sound inside a small house and took care and watch over themselves, in the meantime there journey to take on the world shall arrive at hand."Zzzz"The boy who vows to get stronger for his mother is none other then Hiro, with red spike like hair and is rather a bit skinny, he's a 10 years old who enjoys training outside with his metal sword his mother made especially for him to practice with and to explore what awaits him, his mother assigned him over to a training camp for him to have more experience but he attempts to continue training after his return for new heights.

" Hiro time to wake up you slept long enough"Stella called out, rather to have some of her mothers traits she is Hiro's twin sister with long red hair and most likely takes responsibility in taking care of him in whatever he needs, sometimes treats him as if he was younger to her just for fun.As she calls out his name to wake him up, Hiro continues to sleep while having a nightmare of the incident as she slowly knocks before walking in seeing him struggling to wake up while he was moving around in his bed.

"I can't...i can't just leave you here to die mom!...please...don't leave us all alone. Stella a bit far from him looked down upset seeing him still traumatized over their mothers death, she walked and sat beside him, giving him a hug as she rubbed his head and repeated their mothers wish "Promise me...promise me you'll make it to your ideals and catch your dreams, i know i wont be here for long but i will always watch over you, so please continue to live on through this...for me"As he heard those words his mother smiled before everything turned white and woke up being hugged by his sister and looked up.

"Wait...oh, hey sis"he said looking at her hugging back, "hey, i saw you had trouble waking up so i decided to give you a little comfort to cheer you up" she replied with a smile as he smiles back getting off and right out of bed "Right time to eat, oh did he get breakfast ready". "yes, our big brother helped me out, surprisingly hes not lazy as i thought" she stated out as Hiro makes his way to the kitchen.

As the two arrived at the kitchen their older brother Axel would be sleeping as he already had his breakfast, for someone to be in charge of things hes always that one guy to take head first and never turns back doing so, hes a wanderer so he usually travels around outside to either explore around town or to hunt down monsters that might be nearby to them, if one or both of the twins gets into trouble or being bullied he'll take the stage to defend them even if he has to fight on his own which made Hiro looked up to him so often. as the oldest hes 12 years old and is a bit taller then them with red curly like hairstyle and usually wears a tank top either on his lazy days or to head out.

"at least he didn't ate our food, other than that i have to sit here doing the process all over again"Stella sighed as it was her 2nd attempt since he ate not just his but theirs also, "welp lets eat before it happens again"Hiro said before taking his seat and begins eating as Stella nod in agreement doing the same.

Within a few minutes Axel wakes up seeing the two as he lifts up his head "sup, i see you were right on time", "had to so you wouldn't make me cook again, if so you would be the one to do it"she says in a annoyed tone while Axel gave off a laugh and headpats her "im the one who taught you to cook you know, can't do all the work by myself". "You practically don't besides go out hunting"as she rolled her eyes he reaches over and boops her nose "see im not that lazy, im hunting for food, treasure and mostly preparing myself as i grow".

"Hey bro you down to hunt, i found a hideout something deep in a cave leading a mine and there might be some rare gemstones in there"he says with a determined look with a smile as Hiro's eyes light up and sparkled "would i, im down to join!"He says excited before finishing his food and quickly drinks juice before getting off the chair. "bet lets go!"before Axel gets up Stella quickly grabs Hiro's hand and pulls him away "you do that, im not letting Hiro go with you, as dangerous as you get, im not getting him hurt because of you"She says with a stern look as Axel looks at her disappointed "oh come on, i mostly hunt every time and nothing seemed to go wrong and i come back safe and sound too".

"Well i can't, you go on ahead since its no trouble for you, hes staying here"as overprotect of her twin brother as she is she kept Hiro away from Axel as he stood there with his arms crossed "sheesh i can watch his back if things get too much". "hey sis is it alright if i head outside, i wanted to do my daily training session"he said before picking up a big metal sword which isn't too heavy for him to hold.

"Still wanted to train, guess that camp wasn't really enough for ya, but at least your progressing for the real world so that's what matters" he says scratching the back of his head as he starts to head out the door "well then, im off, i promise i won't come back late like yesterday", "you better or you'll wind up not having dinner tonight"Stella says while messing with him in order to come back on time or early, as for Hiro he then walks out carrying his sword on his back.

"cya twin bro, be careful out there and please try to get our big brother to come home before he forgets"as she gave a reminder as Hiro looks back and waves to her as he runs off "you got it, cya"as he runs off, he ran further in the forest towards a big tree he uses for practice.

Deep in the forest he would swing his blade against the tree while practicing his swings as he makes his attempt to land a move before holding his blade back "here goes, rising ge-ahh"moves his sword down to the point were his sword hits a rock and knocked him down "there goes my luck, afew good tries and still nothing"he said exhausted as a gray haired boy watched from a tree branch as he gave off a chuckle "giving up already my dude, i thought your aiming to get stronger not to take a nap on the ground"His childhood friend Nate who is the same age but a little taller then him jumped down from the branch with a black shirt of a dragon logo on it and gray shorts.

Hes known Hiro since they first met in training camp after the two had a tough time making friends and helping out each other through obstacles. Nates known to be the hyperactive type when it comes to adventuring or taking on someone to get himself stronger, though despite him being ready to journey fourth and fighting, he can also be a pervert when it comes to seeing girls he easily gets interested into, which is why Hiro sticks around with him in case Nate gets either almost beaten down or into trouble in general.

"Heh that's funny, thought you got plans or something", "i did but i rather wander then to randomly do chores every now and then"Nate said as Hiro got up dusting himself off "well whats up, you seem happy about something"he said as Nate had a smirk on his face holding a flyer he took from town "check it i found this lying around the walls and there hosting a guild recruitment during a festival by tomorrow, literally few of the famous guilds might show up, even my brothers"

"Thats sick, too bad some of the legendary guilds won't make it though, after that whole event i doubt they'll ever show up"Hiro stood out trying to forget something, "hey its all good in the end right, who knows, you did dream of being in one didn't ya, heck so have i and if were lucky we might be able step foot in one of the strongest guilds".

"pretty good point there buddy"he said agreeing to Nate as he was determined to take on the recruitment event "in that case we better get to packing before tomorrow and get ready", "yea, also is your sister coming along too by any chance~" Nate wondered as Hiro looked at him with a plain look, knowing why he asked "yes and no your not asking her out dude, you almost got sucker punched to the throat that day remember". Nate then disagrees and shrugs his shoulders "nah i just haven't reached to her yet, but one day she'll be with me", Hiro shook his head as there is no hope in telling him.

"Say, when does it start actually"Hiro wondered while Nate looked through the flyer, "huh during the festival actually, its somewhere being held in XIVth wizard kings palace, since hes the host of it all"Hiro then looked surprised for a second "i never thought he come back actually, this is actually a good opportunity to show some good progress".

"Seems like a nice strong guy, i'd be a fool to challenge him tho, well im heading on home before my brother starts looking around for me, cya at the event tomorrow", "take care"Hiro waved to Nate as he left home while grabbing his sword he decided to head on his way back as well for dinner. As the day falls and the night arrives, Axel has made dinner after his hunt while the three enjoyed there food "Hey guys while i was training, Nate mentioned there was gonna be a guild recruitment during a festival", "huh i heard the XIVth wizard king is hosting it also" Stella mention as Hiro looked excited "well we better get packing, once were in a guild, they might keep us there until were grown up, then stay or head off whenever"Axel says while eating 5 pieces of cooked meat as Stella looked at him shocked"at least save some for us big bro!".

"Sorry but im the one doing all the work"before then Hiro took afew more cooked meat and starts eating as Axel laughed "See im not the only one here now am i"Stella then gave up trying before Hiro passed one over to her "i maybe eating much but you too gotta get some also"He said before Stella took the offer and takes the meat "Thanks bro^^"with a smile she quickly takes a bite before Axel looks around.

"Hmm honestly i don't think we can take much with us, by the looks of it, we might as well leave some here and take the things we mostly need"he suggests and Stella gave it some thought "but almost most of it is what we need once we leave". "Maybe but hey we'll be back once were older, well probably me actually since im older"he says which made Stella lost in thought "if you say so but your gonna have to watch the house then since your the only one coming back here"she stated out which Axel then had another idea "how about this, since you two might be still there, ill just wait for you two when you guys are grown up so we can all go home, seems more reasonable to me"Stella then agrees while getting up collecting the plates "i guess since your about 2 years older then us, but you better wait or you'll never hear the end of it got it!"Axel rubbing the back of his head moved back a bit while Stella pointed at him.

"Alright alright mom, sheesh"Hiro chuckles watching the two as he agrees along with her "then its settled, by tomorrow lets all get ready to finally leave out and start our adventure toge-oh wait we might not be in the same guild actually"Hiro then gets lost in thought while afraid he wind up getting to one by himself "No need to worry, i know its random but there might be a 50% percent chance you would be in one with either with me or that best friend of yours, which he better not try and hit on me"referring to Nate since she almost beaten him to a pulp if it wasn't for Hiro sticking by him.

"Trust me im sure he won't, but ill be heading off to bed for tomorrow"as he gets out the chair towards upstairs to his room, Stella waved over to him while Axel tries taking his leave before getting pulled back by his little sister "nice try but i already cleaned, its your turn while i take my sleep"she says leaving him in charge of cleaning the dishes as Axel looks at her in confusion "h-hey hold on, i thought i did it yesterda-"before even finishing his sentence she went upstairs to her room, leaving Axel by himself as he decides to give up trying and cleans the dishes before heading off to bed.

In the night Hiro would be sleeping before waking up in a white room, he later looks around before beginning to walk "Hello, is anyone here" he says before walking further into the place before revealing itself to be a white palace. While he makes his way around, a boy in light blond here approaches him from the distance calling out "so it is you who came in contact with the light that day"Hiro then looks at the boy with confusion as he didn't know who or what he was talking about "huh, who are you"he asked as the blond haired boy came a bit closer "sorry i know we just met but there isn't much time for me at the moment, if there is a chance for me, maybe we can meet again, but for now ill lend you something for you to keep as you go, do keep it safe okay"he gives him a necklace with a unknown crystal made on it as he then puts it on his neck.

"When will we meet again"the boy then looked unsure himself when he asked the question as everything starts to slowly fade away, Hiro and the boy looked around before he looks at Hiro "guess this is it for now, but as promise im sure we'll meet once more" he said before beginning to slowly fade as well, leaving Hiro reaching out to him "wait, whats your name"before he could tell him everything turns to nothing as he woken up from his dream. Confused as he maybe, he looked around before having the necklace around his neck as if he met him for real "who was he, i somehow seem to remember him from somewhere..."he thought of it for a good minute while looking at the necklace as he slept with it til morning.

The next day Hiro wakes up excited for the event today has he then gets up getting dressed as he would wear a red sleeveless shirt with a brown strap around it, white shirts with metal paded shoes and puts the necklace on while packs his stuff before rushing downstairs "todays the day guys" Axel as he was in the kitchen walks out seeing Hiro wearing his blue hoodie, black pants with sneakers"heh someones pumped and ready to go" while Hiro makes it downstairs he looks around for Stella as she wasn't here with them "wheres our sister at". "eh she she still upstairs trying to figure out what to take, though she better hurry, it could be crowded when we arrive" He stated as Stella makes her way downstairs while waving to the others "hey sorry im late" she walks up to them with her brown sweater and a blue skirt along with her claymore sword being hostered behind her back "alright everyones here, shall we go"Hiro raised his sword before rushing through the door "heck yeah lets go"he says as Axel and Stella smiles and follows behind him while he locks the door behind him "welp onto a start of a path yeah?" the twins agrees "hehe lets go, our chance to challenge the world is on its way!"As excited as ever he rushed down to haraki as the others followed behind him as their tale adventure begins.

~To Be Continued~

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