1 The End of the road

The eleven swords, the protector of UrkBerg after countless battles fought to protect their country and its people is facing their toughest battle yet. In every direction unknown creatures, the likes they have never fought against before sworn in the thousands. With every creature they cut down more seems to takes their places, they are surrounded, have been for over Three days now. Three days of continuous fighting with no end in sight. They could only do so because their formation haven't been broken, for at the back line is lady Cerys a princess gifted in the divine healing magic that replenish the stamina and heals all damage taken by the 11 swords. But the time i/ running out as her magic only works on others but not on herself and her mama and stamina is running thin.

"Damn it Arthur!!! We should have retreated when we had a chance" cried Oak, the wizard.

" stop it, no point with should haves and could haves now. Focus on the battle we been through worst" replied Latisha, the former captains of the royal guard.

" don't break formation!!" Shouted Arthur, the prince of UrkBerg.

Bleeding from the cut on his cheeks, Arthur swings his sword with full force slicing 3 creatures and blowing away a dozen away.

"Brother I can't hold on much longer" screamed cerys bleeding from her nose, as she heals the cut on Arthur face.

"Hang in there cerys...focus on lethal wounds. These cuts and scrapes are nothing but a scratch" ordered Arthur.

"I am ready every body take cover " shouted shin before the air around him start freezing and in a split second everything around him in 1 miles radius froze in thick ice.

The rest of the 11 swords are protected under the spell shield of Oak. Except for rax he didn't had enough time to find make it to the shield.

Shin is a anomaly, one of the few people that could turn mana into powers, without magic or spells. While cerys could replenish stamina and heal. She couldn't boost mana, so shin had been resting for the past few hours to regenerate his Mana. But the battle is far from over breaking though the ice and destroying the its frozen allies to bits more creatures rushed in . Their situation got back to how it was a few seconds ago.

" curses if only golem Had not diminish all his mana we could have bought more time" said oak before casting 2 high level electric spells that killed of more than a hundred of the creatures.

"We are fighting with two useless baggage" scorned oak referring to golem and Shin who he believe have no drop of mana left . While it is the case for the former shin materialise tens of size spikes and shoot at the engaging army.

"I can still fight" replied shin with his cold dead eyes.

Oak just wants to fly away and retreat.but he knows if the battle is lost here, UrkBerg is done for.

They are fighting beyond the gate crack that appeared in the sky . And if they fall all these creatures will leak onto UrkBerg and would mean the end for their country, and more importantly for Oak his life as a young genius magician that lived in luxury.

While in contemplation. A creature lunges at oak and caught him off guard.

Oak was knocked 10 feet backwards and crashed into a rock . The creature rushed toward him and swings it's claw at oak face.


It was intercepted by 8, a swords man and in 1 Sec the creature is in 3 pieces .

"Focus" said 8 dripping in the enemy's blood before disappearing in a blink of an eye continuing his slaughter.

Due to 8 rushing to save oak the formation broke for a few secs . 2 creatures broke though and rushed towards golem and cerys who are defenceless.

*Slipttt* a red line appeared on one of the creatures neck and a girl appeared stabbing the another creatures heart with both her Long daggers.

The girl is the dark elf assassin Faelyn, who is in charge of protecting cerys and others like shin and golem after they becoming sitting ducks.

Oak tried his best to get his mind right while cerys heals him of his fatigue.

And saw a metal humanoid flying towards him. It was Thena' an ancient weapon. She is the strongest of them all and thus have been giving the test of fighting though the enemy in hope to find the commender or the boss. If that was not the case she was to pincer attack. She is a very powerful being and her return means one of two things. She have successfully killed the leader or its equivalent or that she have faced with something she could not beat .