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What is Elementrix

Read ‘Elementrix’ Online for Free, written by the author Sushil_Stha, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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The God of Taboo

The man's leather shoes softly tapped the marble floor. Every step quietly announcing his presence. His shimmering eyes began to come alive as his thoughts were on the princess from the ceremony. As the man approached, Jamil greeted him with a deep bow, "The great Damu has returned." The man with diamond eyes was no ordinary being. He was the supreme god of fire, named Ayele Aadi Damu, who could bring forth life and destruction. Notoriously known for his viciousness and worshipped because of his absolute power. Due to the legend of his existence, Ayele chose to keep the most sacred secrets of his heart hidden. No one but his trusted creations knew that the god had an unquenchable desire to experience love. Because of this, he had become completely consumed with finding his own mate. - "Just who I've been waiting to see," came the rumbling voice of the god of fire. His tone was rough as his shimmering eyes narrowed. Lesedi, who stood unfazed before his creator, was use to the god's quick temper. "Ah, your greatness. My apologies for arriving after you." Lesedi's silky voice could be heard as he greeted Ayele with a bow before beginning his report. "King Amir has already begun sending royal correspondence across the land to different kingdoms to notify eligible princes and kings that princess Zaila is now of age. During the ceremonial banquet the king and queen announced that the princess has already received four marriage proposals since before the new moon. We mustn't waste time, we will need to begin the mission immediately." This mission was one of utmost importance, it needed to be dealt with delicately. "Have a letter sent to the king. Let him know that I wish to meet with him and the queen in two days time. We will move forward from there. Do you have any additional reports?" Ayele thoughtfully responded. "Were you at the ceremony today?" Lesedi probed the god. "Today was a special day that I had been looking forward to for quite some time now. Of course I was in attendance." came Ayele's blunt answer. "I made sure to not become a spectacle, I hid my true form." Before responding, Lesedi rubbed his bearded chin and slowly shook his head with a sigh. "Why do you ask?" questioned Ayele as he watched his most trusted creation's hesitation. "She saw you." said the spy. "Who?" Ayele enquired, his eyebrows raised slightly surprised. "The princess." Lesedi replied.

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When young Auriel tragically meets his end, he awakens to a bizarre reality on the distant planet of Warkinels. Reincarnated as a necromancer tree, he finds himself immersed in a world governed by a real-life game system, where every creature is relentlessly striving to level up and gain strength. Unfazed by his peculiar transformation, Auriel embraces his new identity and sets out on a singular quest: to ascend the ranks and become the most powerful being in the Warkinels. With each encounter, he absorbs the life force of fallen creatures, enhancing his own abilities and expanding his necromantic influence. As Auriel delves deeper into the intricacies of Warkinel’s game system, he discovers hidden mechanics and exploits that allow him to accelerate his progression. Along the way, he forms alliances with fellow adventurers and clashes with rival factions, all vying for dominance in the ever-shifting landscape of Warkinels. Driven by an insatiable thirst for power, Auriel navigates treacherous dungeons, battles formidable foes, and unearths ancient artifacts that augment his necromantic prowess. But with each victory comes greater challenges, as rival players and malevolent forces seek to thwart his ascent. As Auriel rises through the ranks of Warkinel’s hierarchy, he becomes a force to be reckoned with, feared and respected by all who dare to oppose him. Yet, amidst his quest for supremacy, he must grapple with the moral implications of his actions and confront the darkness that lurks within his own heart. Arboreal Ascendance is a riveting tale of ambition, sacrifice, and the pursuit of power, as one boy's journey from death to rebirth leads him on an epic quest to conquer the game of life itself.

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I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!

A duke’s daughter wanted nothing in her life but the sweet nothingness of death, as she felt like her life served no purpose. Her wish was granted when she was killed in an unfortunate accident, yet in a sudden turn of events, she was forced to reincarnate. As fate has it, she was reborn in her original world, but not directly after her death. As she is living her new life, she tries to forget the pain of her old life. But, what exactly is behind her reincarnation? Will she be able to live her new life to the fullest? This is a slow-paced life journey of a reincarnated girl who's trying to find the meaning behind her past life and reincarnation. -------------------------------------------- ***Note*** : - This story isn't a premium novel here, but if you'd like to support me even further (and gain advanced chapter access + help increasing the novel's update rate), here is my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/ConvallariasLibrary Or if you prefer ko-fi (one time donation), here you go: https://ko-fi.com/A1864CG3 I'll be very thankful to you if you want to support this novel! ^^ - Chapter numbering or parting in Webnovel will be different than other platforms. - More info about what you can expect from this story (may give a vague spoiler) can be read in the review that I wrote. - If you're interested in joining my Discord server: https://discord.gg/qdF55vE Thanks for reading and for all who show your support (via comments, powerstones, etc)!

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