3 Strange Encounter

Isaac looked up at him shaking his head, he finished getting ready and headed out of his room "Come on let's go..." he said walking out the room. As the two others followed behind him they all waved at Isaac's mom before leaving downstairs to their booth. As they approached the booth Alexis was bringing their pizza "Here you guys go" she said. As the three boys sat down in the booth they began to eat the pizza. "Hey Isaac..." Alexis said still standing next to the table. Isaac almost choked on the piece of pizza in his mouth and began to blush "H-hi Alexis" he said nervously. Alexis gave him a cute smile (like I'm talking about a smile that your girlfriend or crush gives you that makes you fall in Love all over again...anyway back to the story).. Still blushing Isaac smiles back awkwardly, watching the two Kyle and Frannie silently laughed. "Did you want your usual drink?" She asked.

"Y-Yea...please if you don't mind" he replied. Smiling again she turned and walked away. Kyle who was sitting next to isaac nudged his arm "Smooth man...Very smooth" he said teasingly. "Shut up..." Isaac said chopping Kyle on his head. After they almost finished their Pizza and Isaac got his drink of Dr.Pepper. After paying the three friends left the pizzeria and headed towards the park. A few minutes went by and they arrived at the park, they sat at the near by bench and looked at the park. Kyle looked at Isaac "So why do you think you don't have your powers yet?" He asked.

"Do you think if I knew my parents would do something about it?" Isaac answered irritated. Frannie was in deep thought staring at the sky "Tomorrow we are freshman's in high school" he said.

"Ughh...School it sucks..." Kyle said pouting

"Oh shut up, we didn't even start yet" Isaac replied.

"The only reason why you say that is because you can be with Alexis ...she already works for your family, isn't that enough?" Kyle said.

Isaac rolled his eyes and ignored him thinking about Alexis. Alexis and Isaac and his two friends all went to the same elementary school and middle school, however isaac had a crush on her ever since the beginning of middle school. As time slowly went by and the group were goofing off in the park and talking it was time for them to all head home. As they said their goodbyes and went their separate ways, It was dark street lights were shinning and the moon was bright. Isaac turned a corner and bumped into a strange person in a hooded rob, they both knocked each other down. Isaac immediately got up to help the stranger up, when the stranger stood up his hood fell off showing and elderly male. "I apologize, I didn't see you coming, are you ok?" Isaac asked. The elder stated at him for a minute "No dragon?" He whispered to himself. Isaac looked at the old man puzzled and apologized again and began to walk away. The old man was staring at his back and called out to him "Young man!" Isaac turned around looking at the old man "Come here..." the old man demanded. Isaac obeyed and walked slowly towards him, Isaac was a little bit taller than the old man and he had to look down at him. "I apologize...I was running around the corner and I should've been careful" the elder said.

"No worries...It's fine" Isaac replied.

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"Here for the trouble" the Eder said handing Isaac a gold key and a map. Isaac looked at the two items and said "Thank you, but it wasn't necessary." The elder smiled gently not showing any sign of giving up. Isaac smiles and thanked him again turning around to head home and when he turned to look at the old man, the old man was gone. Seeing the old man had left Isaac kept walking soon reaching his home at the pizzeria. After walking in through the door locking the door behind him he went up stairs and to his room setting the items the old man gave him on the bed and started to get ready for bed. After, he had basketball shorts and a tank top on he looked at the two items and picked up the map and went to his computer and searched up the location. On the computer screen a cave appeared showing the location at the near by forest.