8 Chapter 7 UA

After spending a year in hibernation Am woke up with a roar as she was now a giant ten tail fox.She tried to transform into a human but instead transformed into a fox girl as she didn't have human ears as she had rainbow coloured fox ears and ten rainbow coloured tails.Seeing her tails she could only be depressed as how she is going to explain this to her mother and brother.Well i'll figure this out after checking my status.

level 2 continent level danger

name: Amphitrite midoriya

age:20 years (25 years)

race:100%elemental spirit king


100% ten tail version fox

lifespan :immortal but can be killed or sealed.



soul endurance:567







unique/racial skill

Elemental arts spirit perfection

Haki level spirit perfection

Gate of Babylon

close combat spirit perfection

fuinutus spirit perfection

ninjutsu spirit perfection

genjutsu spirit perfection

senjutsu spirit perfection

killing intent spirit perfection

weapons arts spirit perfection

weapons spirit perfection

spirit king's eyes fusion

1)spirit king's eyes

2)ethernalmangekyo sharingan:






4) rinne sharingan (grows along with user)

Infinite tsukayomi (putting a genjutsu on the world)

Can travel to alternate dimension

Deva path (all mighty push and all mighty pull)

Asura path ( mechanical enhancement)

Human path (Able to take souls from people's

body and read their mind)

Preta path (Ability to absorb mana in any form)

Naraka path (Ability to summon the demon king to question someone or heal them)

Outer path (Ability to revive someone,chakra chains,black receiver)

5)tenseigan(grows along with user)

Same ability as Deva path

Tenseigan chakra mode Increases in stats and has 9 truth seeking orbs.

Let's go back home but what she didn't notice is that she was completely naked,had a third eye,her almost unnoticeable horns are now 15 cm tall rainbow coloured horns and had blood all over her which made her look like a feral beast.


The principal of UA Nezu , Grand torino , Recovery girl, Aisawa, and Toshinori are having a talk with with Inko about Amphitrite.

Nezu :Your son actually got a recommendation but refused as he was confident to get into my school and I can guarantee that he will get number 2 spot right after his sister if she goes all out so could you please tell her to be a bit more serious about the entrance exam.

Inko: don't worry I'm sure Amphitrite will try her best to enter the school ....

As Inko was saying Am teleport into the living room and all of them got into a fighting position but Inko knew that this was her daughter.You could call it mother's instinct.She immediately grabbed the nearest and biggest piece of clothing she could and threw it on Am.The hero was confused about what was happening but seeing Inko not panicking they knew that she knew who the intruder was.Inko grabbed her daughter's hand and lead her to the bathroom.

Meanwhile the Izuku and the guests were still confused at Inko's action and they remembered that arrived was a girl and had rainbow coloured hair but it was mostly covered by blood.They knew that the intruder was the person they came to meet today so sat back down discussing about what they just saw.

Inko:Here take a bath quickly and why are you naked. Quickly finish dressing up we have a lot to discuss mostly about your new appearance.

Inko then went to back to the living room telling them that Am will be coming soon.Am didn't have any clothes that would fit her new appearance except her shinigami clothes but it was not appropriate for this situation so she bought a dozen set of clothes from her system and went to see her new body in the mirror.What am saw shocked her as she had a third eye and it was the rinne sharingan and her horns has grown bigger and now was noticeable from far.After a few minutes Am came out to see Nezu,Grand torino ,Recovery girl ,Aisawa and all might and knew why her mother rushed her to clean herself.

Am:So what do you five want.

Nezu:We just came here to give you a recommendation to UA and to ask you about your power,your appearance ,gender and race.

Am:For the first question no I will get into UA by my own capability and for the later part I thought that my brother already told you.

Nezu:Yes but how far can your ability go.

Am:Oh so you want me to heal that piece of shit.

Inko:Young lady your language.

Toshinori:How did you know it was me.

Am:Really I could guess it from the moment I step in the room besides you have the same hair style and the same wound.

Nezu:Yes we want you to heal all might but why did you call him that.

Am:He lost a bet with me isn't it right piece of shit or are you planning to deny it.

As Amphitrite was saying that she released a bit of conquerors haki with killing intent at All might making him puke blood.Making everyone except Nezu as he had an idea of what occurred.

Nezu:Now! Now!Amphitrite you should calm down.

Toshinori:Yes I lost the bet so I have to keep my promise.Would you please heal my wound

Am:Alright lets go to the beach i'll show you my power.Kamui.

As they all were all teleported every one was calm as they knew Am could teleport.Am then said all might to sit down as she said elemental arts:full heal.As light surrounds All might and after a minute he was completely healed . Recovery girl then went to examine and said that All might was completely cured. Inko was shocked as it was All might that was injured and izuku explained everything to his mother.

Amphitrite:Now I am not done yet.Elemantal

arts time reversal.

Suddenly recovery girl and Grand Torino became younger and now was in their early twenties.They was quite happy as anyone would if they became young again.Torino then saw enough as someone who can turn back time on an old man to become in his twenties without any effort and can intimidate even him by pressure is not someone they can afford to offend and says before leaving I saw enough young boy (izuku) I will be waiting for you after the sports festival.However izuku did not understand what he was saying at the time.

Nezu:izuku medoriya tomorrow your exam will be in the morning and miss Amphitrite's exam will be during the afternoon.Now could you teleport us back to your house.


Everything went exactly as the anime as Izuku was still a nervous and due to his talent of tripping on nothing he met ururaka and saved her but this time he got more villan point than Bakugou and didn't need recovery girl to fix him up as 25% of one for all was enough to destroy the robot.


In the camera room where the top hero was sitting with Nezu as he said it was a crucial for them to attend.In the ranks was the number 1 hero All might ,the number 2 endeavor ,the number 3 hero hark,the number 4 hero jeanist,the number 5 hero edgeshot,the number 6 hero miruko,the number 7 hero crust,the number 8 hero kamui woods,the number 9 hero wash ,the number 10 hero yoroimusha and all the heroes of UA.While all the heroes was talking and endeavor was challenging All might. Am was already done with her written exams and making her way towards the practical exam.

Nezu:Calm down she is here .The girl that is stronger than All might.

Endeavor was pissed at Nezu for saying such things and retorted how can a little girl be stronger than him or all might and the girl only had a mutated fox type quirk.Nezu only said to wait and watch.Am was relaxed and knew that the heroes was watching only her and that is why Nezu made her take the exam alone.Am already know what to do.The exam started when Nezu said go.

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