1 Character creation 1

Life is like a RNG. This was the slogan of the number one popular VRMMORPG in the world 'Alternate Destiny'. And the game's slogan told a person all they needed to know about the development of the game.

Everything in the game was like Gacha game. From how you obtained skills, the class you recieved, and even your race. All of them were chosen 'randomly'.

I stared at the screen in front of me for a moment. 25 cards appeared before me. The results of my draw from this, and the next few screens would determine my destiny in this game. If I did not like the results, then I was shit out of luck, as the character was soul bound.

I would not even be able to quit the game if I wanted, as you automatically entered when you slept. I sighed, this was the natural result of turning 18. For the last 30 years, ever since this 'game' had suddenly appeared, every adult would enter this alternate world as they slept. It was a world of monsters and magic. A world that your stats was determined by your own luck, but the results could be endless.

I sighed again as I stared at the cards in front of me. five rows of 5 cards. I closed my eyes and reached out my hand. There was no point in agonizing over the choice, for all I knew all 25 cards were the same.

When I opened my eyes the card was revealed before me. [The Elementalist: Fire]. The result was not the best, nor was it the worst. Elementalists were a specialized version of mages. They did not have to suffer from the intense studying that wizards had to go through as their magic was instinctive. Unfortunately, Elementalists were limited to the elements they were aligned with.

Most Elementalists were aligned with two elements, and occasionally a person with 3 came around. It was extremely rare, but there were cases were a person who had an affinity for all four elements appeared.

Cases such as mine were the rarest. The amount of elements you had an affinity with had a direct connection with the level of affinity. Simply put, the more affinities you had, the lower the level of each affinity. As far as I was aware only 10 people could have a single affinity per element. 9 of these 10 would have a high level Affinity, while the 10th would have a perfect affinity. These people were called elemental lords.

Only when a person died would one of those positions open. I was quiet for a moment as I realized my own words. One of the previous firelords had passed.

After a brief moment I checked my affinity level, but was not surprised when it turned out to be high. I had already used an exaggerated amount of luck to even obtain this class, recieving a perfect affinity would have been too much.

I smiled to myself as I moved on to the next screen. Race was the next window to appear, and just like with class a series of cards appeared before me. There was a total of 9 cards. These 9 cards represented the 9 races of the world.

Humans: The most common and diverse of the 9 races. They have short lives, but each develop in a unique fashion. They recieve a bonus to an attribute of their choice as well as a bonus ability.

Elves: A long living race with a close tie to nature. They are naturally beautiful, with an inate high charisma. They have naturally high magic affinities, but have low innate strength.

Dwarves: A long lived race with a close affinity with metalworking. The dwarves are stout and have a high Constitution. They recieve bonuses to blacksmithing, but have low affinity with magic.

Orcs: A fierce race who values combat ability more than anything. They are blessed with increase strength attribute as well as gaining the automatic ability [Rage], but have low intelligence.

[Half-Elf] A race that resulted from the relationship of humans and elves. They lack the connection with nature of the elves, and some of the diversity of humanity. They recieve bonuses to charisma and magic affinity.

[Half-Orc] A race that is a mixture of humans and orcs. They lack the innate rage ability of pure orcs, but recieve an increase to strength, as well as [Shaman's tattoo].

[Halfling] A race that is small and childlike in nature. They are innately crafty and appear innocent. They have low natural strength, but high charisma. They innately know the skill [Stealth].

[Nephilim] the high bred results of humanity mixing with divinity. This race is automatically upgraded by 2 levels with either light or dark elements, depending on their ancestory. As well as high charisma and intelligence scores.

[Beastkin] A race that is almost as diverse as humanity. They recieve a bonus to attributes depending on their heritage, as well as an ability.

All of the races had their own perks, and depending on the class a person got the race could be a boon or a weakness. I did not hesitate to select a card.

I shook my head as I looked at my result.

[Beastkin: Catgirl] A beastkin race that only produces females. How you, a man, got this? you can only blame the RNG gods! It shouldn't even be possible. Catgirls recieve +2 to dexterity and charisma on creation, but -2 to stength. You have unlocked the passive skill [charm].

[Charm] passive, increased the targets interest level with you by 1 level.

I sighed. How was this even possible? how was I a man, supposed to play as a girl? This shouldn't even be possible! Because this 'game' wasn't produced by any company I couldn't even complain or delete my character.

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