1 Chapter 1: Magic Storm

It was another beautiful day at the farm, The sun was shining brightly overhead and a light, cool, breeze could be felt. Matt was lounging beneath the shade of an apple tree. It was his favorite thing to do after working hard all morning. There wasn't much else to do out on the farm anyway. It was a simple life, wake up early, feed the animals, water the crops, and take a nap beneath a tree while waiting for his mother to make breakfast, most mornings went by just like this. Some would say it was a dull life, and maybe it was, but there was nothing Matt could do about that. He was born to a family of farmers and had no magic whatsoever. 

Sometimes he really did wish he had been a mage. The adventure, fame, glory and the riches as well, it was something normal folk could only dream of. Matt would often think about this as he laid beneath the trees, the life of a mage sounded so exciting, it was a shame he was born without magic.

As Matt laid there, his mind off in another world, a world where he was a hero loved by all. as he thought about this, the sky darkened suddenly. The once bright blue sky was now covered in deep purple clouds, bursts of bright red seen flashing about . Soon the alarms could be heard in the distance "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, A CLASS 3 MAGIC STORM IS COMING! EVERYONE HEAD TO YOUR SHELTERS!"

Matt got up and started running to the barn as fast as his legs would carry him. He had to get the animals into the underground shelter or they would die out in the storm. He just couldn't let any of them get hurt, he loved all the animals in the farm and it would break his heart to have any of them get hurt during the storm. When Matt arrived at the barn, he could see his parents and little sister already moving some of the animals. Thankfully they lived on a small farm and didn't have too many animals, if they had more, there wouldn't have been time to save them all or a big enough shelter to put them in.

With the four of them working together, the animals were taken to the shelter rather quickly. Now there was only one animal left outside, an old, gray, and white horse named Patch. "Alright, the only one left is old Patch, I'll go run out there and get him" Matt said as he turned around ready to head back out of the shelter, but suddenly a small hand pulled on his shirt, it was his little sister. "Here, take this, it's a lucky stone, it'll protect you" his little sister handed him a small gray rock with blue streaks on it. "ooh! a lucky stone, thank you Michie! where'd you get it?" Matt said, playing along. "I found it over there" his little sister said, pointing at one of the corners of the shelter. "I'll take good care of it" Matt said as he put the stone in his pocket and bolted out of the shelter.

Once outside, Matt could see the storm was getting closer and closer, it was already raining heavily and red lightning could be seen arcing across the sky off in the distance. He got to the stable as fast as he could and started leading Patch to the shelter. Patch was an old horse, older than Matt, and was no longer able to gallop like used to. Matt could only walk beside him as he trotted along steadily.

The storm was almost upon them, but they had finally reached the shelter, Matt opened the big gates and beckoned Patch to go inside. As Matt himself was entering the shelter, he was struck by a red bolt of lightning and fell down the stairs and into the shelter. His whole body was in pain and he couldn't move. He could see some words had appeared in front of him, but the pain was too much and he couldn't quite make out what they said. As he lost consciousness, he could hear an unfamiliar voice in his head "You have successfully act- "

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