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Elegant Desperation


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Welcome to Elegant Desperation; Beginning in the 21st century a 16 year old girl was gifted an ancient book, from her late father. His little fireball was worthy of something greater than she knew; the protection of the Imperial families of Ancient China. A job he inherited and wanted to pass on to her. When he passes on he leaves her that very book, which holds a journey that may unravel history as we know it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Set in the era of the T'ang Dynasty. She becomes Yang Yuhuan a woman of the 18th prince. This is a historical fiction of how she rose through the ranks and how her forbidden romance began and came to an end. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a tale of both historical fact and fantastical creation. Researched to be as respectful and accurate as I can. So I welcome you to the ancient world; all is fair in love and war.. right? K.S.


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