El Viajero
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El Viajero


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What is El Viajero

El Viajero is a popular web novel written by the author CrocusMist, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 19K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 30 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


“I once dreamt to reach the unreachable, but I didn’t expect that dreams are the most reachable.” – Ansel From north to south. From east to west. Ansel traveled the world in a loop. He sees the unimaginable in his dreams. He sometimes wishes that the clouds would knock on the window in his class’ and take him to the farthest mountains, away from everything. They are not rich. They only own a small amount of land that his mother put all her strength to pay for, in a few pennies she earns. As the time goes by, he learns that life outside the dreamland is impossible! He wishes to never wake up in one of the best dreams he ever had. Life in there gets too satisfying that he thought of never coming back.

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The story was great. The way the author describes the scenes, you can just imagine it in your head. Kudos to the writer. More stories to come!


I like the way the Author is playing around the mystery. The pace is kind of slow but it is definitely worth the attention. It adds to the curiosity. I totally recommend this book💞 I can't wait for more chapters.


Reveal spoiler


I absolutely like the idea of the story, the story itself, the MC and my God! That synopsis was impressive. I have to say the psychosis behind the story is so intriguing, i couldn't not like it. Expanding on the world that majority of people go to, to escape the hard parts of their life, it's genius and you did such a great job writing it. Hats off to you!


I love the picture you created, so clear and visual, it's not easy to translate words into images. That is a skill that few have. The words are straight to the point, it is as if you are listening to a story being told not exaggerated. A great read.


Dear author, your storyline is great and the way you are writing the scene of his dream and real life are tremendous. The mystery keeps you hooked to the book. With real life situations of MC you VN relate pretty well. characters development is really good. Story is definitely best part of your book but your writing keep us hooked with it. it is doing the magic❤❤👏👏👏 Great work.👏👏👏


Simply following and enjoying how the story is flowing. it's a good one. I don't know how it will go but I'm here to stay. Wanna see how it all goes. keep going.


I really love how the author played with words to emphasize every descriptions. The story reminds me of my dream to travel and although I'm in a lower middle class family, like the protagonist, I still can't travel. I'll definitely read this until the end 😍


the overall emotions from the characters are very relatable given the situation they're in. Readers can really feel with the said characters and witness their journeys a lot closer! Very very good job for the author and I hope to see more updates and chapters!


How to fall in love with the character 101. This novel is one of the finest books I've read so far. The world's background and the character sketch of Ansel is apt. Keep up the good work Author!


This is such a great book, it is slow and every word intrigues ,I like fantasies and to be honest this is worth my time , keep it up author and I will sure recommend this book . I love how you write, it's absolutely 💯...


Very interesting and original plot, written from an teenager's perspective. It takes a little long to take off, so hang on because you're in for quite a ride. Writing wise, the descriptions are very vivid. A few things to correct with tense concordance, but nothing too major. A good read.


I can already tell the book has a lot of mysteries we're just waiting to unfold. A lot of unclear things happening but I guess it just makes you more curious to find out what is really going on—are those dreams really just dreams...or are they real?😏. I love the mc and I love the way the author gave him a humble background...I guess it goes to show that life isn't always puppies and rainbows. There are rainy and cloudy days too. That said, I recommend the author work on the sentence structure and a few punctuation errors. This book has a lot of potentials, probably a masterpiece in the making. Well-done author🌹❤


Amazing! I’m really liked this story line that is being written and how well it’s written, the character as well is very nicely done can’t wait for more


NOTE: Hey there! Thank you for giving this book a chance. O really appreciate the support and effort it receives for the passed days. This is my first book ever written in my second language. It is a slow-paced kind of story, and please bear with it. I like it to be more relatable in someway and to be as worth it as possible. There are hidden gems to discover and as you delve deeper, I assure you that it gets more and more interesting, the kind that would want you to want more. This is not your ordinary fantasy story for I have a lot of things prepared for this book. Thank you for staying! Let's learn, love and discover the world of pure imagination!🤗


Good book.. Surprised to see no reviews yet.. Still, all the best. Hope you get many more chapters soon.. May you get many more interesting novels..


The Synopsis is interesting...and the scenes were described in detail...The author's writing style is well written...Very promising characters...hats off to the author for his creative ideas...Highly recommended book...Great work, Author!


This is my new favorite novel! The stories intriguing, it's well-written and very descriptive. The characters are interesting, and we'll developed. I'd recommend this to any fantasy lover. Can't wait for more!


This fantasy is really intriguing. It can have you slipping pages and at the same time feeling satisfied. I highly recommend this book for novel readers.


This is simply an amazing book from a very amazing author 😍😍😍😍 I'm patiently awaiting the next chapters.... keep up the good work...you're doing great😍


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