1 Chapter 01: What did i do wrong

on thursday 16/2, at 5:30 pm

the sun has yet to be set.. and the sound of the cool air is like a bird whistle between these long trees and right there behind the small bushes near the sacred lake, two young kids were hiding as if they will catch some kind of treasure..

" shhh... be quiet ".

" why ? i don't want to ". ( as she raised her left eyebrow)

" look ..look ... over there ".

" where .. where ? ".

" lower your voice .. they will hear us ".

" who ? " ( as she whispered )

" haaah..is that a lamp ? .. what are they doing to it ? ".

A group of people wearing some bizzare black robes, ahead of them an old lady who wore a red robe with a golden sword in her hand, next to her a young white man to light golden hair and hazel green eyes holding tightly the lamps horns.

" lay him down beside the wood Hikaru .. javier come my dear ".

" me ? ". ( looking in both directions as if he is asking for help)

" don't worry my child, everyone who turns 18 years has done this before ".

He walked in fear, straight to where the lamp is, as the old lady gave him some kind of sword, his hands were trembled with fear and was sweating alot.

" I..I..I don't .. ". ( baamd thumbd ).

. . .

" did you see that ". ( her eyes were wide opened and looking very surprised ).

" please lower your voice ".

" he fell .. he fell..he fell ".

" be quite.. let's see what will happen ".

" but why should we hide here ? isn't that old lady wearing red robe is your aunt ? ".

" she look like her ". ( I can't tell her that the lady is my aunt she will ask so many questions )

" how suspicious, what are you going to do with me"

" stop playing around and be quiet ". ( while he kept being stiff in the same position).

" it's a joke, old man "

" you think my family is like yours, i'm not allowed to do many things, anyway if they catch us now i don't know what will happen to us and..."

" well..well..well..look who i found here ? kai and his annoying friend mia ". ( spoke in low voice )

" haah ". ( both of them had a wide feary eyes and took a long breath )

( what is ryan doing here..is he also part of this..what is going on here) kai said to himself.

" you are not supposed to be here..i thought you were at the park playing ". ( speaking in low voice)

" I'm.."

" who's there ? ".

" ah it's me the eagle eye .. sorry I'm late .."

( eagle eye ? this is the first time i hear him saying that )

" did something happened to you ? ".

" no.. I just ran into a squirel that scared me haha". ( while staring at the two kids )

" hurry up.. javier just lost his concious .. we need to finish the ceremony."

" ok, mam ".

" you two go play somewhere else ".( whisper)

" yes sir ".( both of them said).

. . .

" see all your fault that we didn't see anything ".

"and that is what ? ".

" we were going to find out if you just stopped talking ".

" so now it's my fault ".

" then who do you think it is ? ".

" thanks to that masked guy..my shinny prince".

( thanks to ryan we were not caught, now its getting more complicated, this ceremony, my aunt wearing a read robe, the code names..urggh my head )

" what are you zooming out for ? ".

" nothing, whatever ".

" so what should we do now ? park ? game-store? "

" nah i have to go home, i remebered that i have some stuff that i need to finish ".

" ok then, see you at school tomorrow".

. . .

after 1 hour...

the door bell rang as an announcement of someone entering the house, he then saw everyone sitting on the table, a 12 seater dinning table, he also saw his aunt and cousin as well.

" I'm home ".

" didn't you see the time ".

" sorry i was..."

( why should i always explain myself ).

" go wash your hands and come sit in tbe table, everyone is waiting for you ".

as he went to the bathroom with his head down and feeling alot of guilt he could hear them talking behind his back .

" why do we have to wait for him ? ".

" yeah why ? ".

" such a troublesome kid.. thats what you get from marrying someone we dont approve of ".

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" Be quiet and have some respect ". an elderly old lady said.

" go to your seat ".

( why .. just why me..their eyes keeps staring at me as if i were nothing, i want to runaway ).

" yes mam ".

Their words always felt like knives in his heart, he ate without focusing at all on the talks.. all he wanted was to cry in silent and be alone..after finishing his food he went straight to bed as that was one of the house rules.

. . .

" hey kiddo, are you still awake ? ".

under the blanket he was crying in silent as he hugged the pellow very tight.. he already forgot that ryan was the eagle eye near the lake, all because of the family bullet words.

" i know your still awake kai ".

" are you going to tell on me ? ".

shivering of fear and sadness, without looking who is talking to him.

" it's me kiddo..ryan ".

" ryan? ". (as he took a peak )

" don't worry, everyone is sleeping.. just you and me ".

" why did you come at this hour ? you know the rules ".

"come with me ".

" where ? ".

" outside on the window bench ".

" now ? what if they caught us ".

" I already told you..you are with me, beside everyone is asleep, trust me".

( He then went straight to the window, opening it as the cool breeze has entered ..swooosh)

" it's okay..come sit next to me and look at the beautiful sky ".

"waaaaw ". ( as he looked up the nighty sky with those sparkling little stars )

" you know kiddo, don't focus alot on what they said today at the dinner ".

" so you noticed ".

" yeah ".

" hey ryan.. can i ask you something? ".

" yeah sure ".

" why my family hates me? what did i do wrong? am i not their child ? am i adopted ? is there something they are not telling me? "

" listen kiddo, you are still young..sometimes they get mad at you and sometimes not..its because they love you and care about you alot ".

" then why did they say all those things at the dinner ".

" forget about that, once you became big you will understand ".

" but they.."

" don't worry.. some of them are just jealous of you ".

" jealous ? of me? how ? why? "

( some foot-steps are coming near)

" shh..someone is coming..go back to bed and sleep ".

" hey ryan ".

" what kiddo? ".

"thank you..i feel much better now ".

( ah i forgot to ask him about today..maybe another time ).

He then went to close the window and when he reached the door to go, when suddenly...

" ryan ? what are you doing here at this hour? ".

" i was checking if kai was awake or not..but it seems he is in a deep sleep ".

" i guess i don't need to check on him ".

" i should go to sleep too ".

" and don't forget everyone should not be out of their room at this hour, these are the rules ".

" yes mam ".

( thanks to ryan i feel much better, but then again why did she need to check on me..anyway..i feel so tired and its already past 10 o'clock..i should sleep now).

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