477 This Game Is Too Much

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Cheng You looked at his expression, her lips twitching. Then she threw a punch at his chest. "Get out!"

"I am serious!" Luo Zhan wailed. "Really, Cheng You!"

Seeing that, Rong Rui pulled her over without a word, his eyes cold. Luo Zhan looked dumbfounded, so he reached out and grabbed the other hand of Cheng You and said, "what do you want?"

So direct? This act of stealing was too obvious, right?

"I should be asking you that." Rong Rui did not mean to give in. He looked at Luo Zhan. "Cheng You has been with me for a long time."

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Luo Zhan was shocked and blurted out, "aren't you still pursuing her?" Although the question was asked to Rong Rui, he was looking at Cheng You.

With a stern face, Cheng You wanted to get rid of Rong Rui's hand. But how could Rong Rui let go? He tightened his grip. She wanted to take her hand back from Luo Zhan as well, who was not willing to let it go either. She frowned and shouted impatiently, "It hurts! Let go!"

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