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El Antiguo Guerrero


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STORY TIME.. EL ANTIGUO GUERRERO { THE ANCIENT WARRIOR) WRITTEN AND COMPOSED BY ALEGRÍA DEL AUTOR. DO NOT COPY OR REPOST.. SYNOPSIS The pain, The agony, Killing spree, The power, Brutality, All in one, Reborn of the long dead female warrior, The monster Slayer, The stones fighter, Defeaters of Thanatos, the first stone and god of death himself, Demons hunter The terminator, Annihilator, And the saviour. The daughter of Lucas, Sarah conor the forgotten ancient warrior and heroine, is now back in her one and only daughter's body. The tri_hybrid herself, Now the 5 stones need her blood to wake up Daniel popular know as Beelzebub But what they don't know is that Sarah isn't the only ancient warrior alive, Jake, jack and Ariel are both in search for the Lost sword as they always do for fun, But they both enter into someone else's battle during their adventure, Now that the stones knew they are alive and they are the slayer of his beast centuries ago, He would stop at nothing to hunt them, Especially when their paths have even crossed with Sarah. Then blood "would and will" surely flow. I welcome y'all to the world of supernatural, Where you shall witness, Betrayal, Blood and power lust. Written and composed by ALEGRÍA DEL AUTOR..


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