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Read EGRESS CELESTIAL HUNTER novel written by the author carielove on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering action, adventure. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


SYNOPSIS Despite being the youngest descendant of the portal lords generation heirloom, Bai Heng grows as a playful , careless and clueless young teenager that neglects his obligations as the next heir of the egress celestials, instead he uses his abilities to daily sneak into the palace premises just to take a peek on the palace beauties. Just to his unlucky fate, his careless luxurious life is flipped into a series of misfortunes as he accidentally forms a portal that lands him into the emperor’s chambers ,and becomes an overnight suspect of a terrifying incident , Bai Heng tries to escape only to be hunted down by the palace guards and gets severely wounded but still manages to slip out of the palace grounds, in the verges of death, Bai Heng makes a random portal and vanishes through it unaware of where he may land to , little did he know in his unstable condition two different portals were formed at the same moment, one that helped him escape and the other at different location further from where he was from at the time of his escape. Guang Liu is a cool, straight A university student living in a big city and from a well- off family, along with his best friend, Da Chao, they get stuck into a mysterious conspiracy after being shoved into a huge magical hole that abruptly appeared before them during a huge fight with some senior college bullies. Landing into this supernatural world as it seemed they are held as prisoners. In exchange for his and his best friend’s lives, Guang Liu is handed over a task by the emperor and sent back to his world leaving his best friend behind as a hostage. What is the conspirancy behind Bai Heng’s escape? What will happen when their two paths collide? What would be the fate of these two young men?


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Hello guys author again am trying to promote my book is its not yet getting good response am hoping to get more readers who would support me in this work. please keep supporting me and thank you for the reviews from my recent fans


This is exactly the kind of book I would be reading. I really enjoyed reading these first chapters and I am excited to see how the main character will grow and evolve in the future; can’t wait to read the rest of the story!


Nice background for the story. I like the parallelism between the two main characters you’ve described. One wonders whether they’re connected in some way. Cant wait to read more


Hello! Shameless authour here I started this new book and I'll be sure to costantly update please give me your support by rates and reviews thank you


...nice plotline so keep up the goodwork one thing to improve is spacing the paragraphs but nice characterization keep up the good work and don't give up


I liked it a lot, you describe well and give an impressive life to the characters, something I appreciate when I read something, but here is my criticism, don't leave paragraphs so long, because it tires the view, instead of paragraphs they seem more like walls of words. Other than that I really liked the plot and the characters.


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